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Baby Gophers ~ Nature Tuesday

On a recent visit to the park, I was delighted to see these  baby gophers having fun. Normally they are rarely seen but it is possible that they have become accustomed to having the park all to themselves due to Covid-19. They weren’t shy at all and allowed me to get close enough to snap this photo. 

Gophers are best known for their skill in creating a network of tunnel systems. These systems help with food collection and and a means of protection. As cute as these baby gophers are, you wouldn’t want them near your vegetable garden, lawn or farm as they could cause a lot of damage. 

However, there are some benefits that gophers provide. Their burrowing habits help to aerate the soil , redistribute minerals and help the soil to absorb water.


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  1. We have one here that drives the dogs mad. It will run up into a pvc pipe hubby has laying in back yard and the dogs will sit there and bark forever waiting for it to come out. Cute picture you got there!


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