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Automation is coming, it isn't bad….

Automation is something that guarantees people get nervous. Robots are a form of automation. Nobody wants to lose their job to a robot. Nobody wants a computer system that can do the job they do, replacing them. That is the downside of automation. Can and should a computer system, robotic system or automation system replace a human being.  The first answer is it depends. It depends on what is being replaced. For example, if we take the automation of a computer-driven car, when they, computer-driven cars, are first deployed there won’t be a significant risk reduction on the road. The risk of roads is the human being behind the wheel of the other car.

I know that the reality of the pedestrian hit by a driverless car in Arizona is bad. But let’s stop for a moment and consider this fact. More than 8 companies are working on driverless car systems. They have logged more than 10,000,000 miles of driving. In that, there have been two accidents and one pedestrian hit by a Driverless car. Please note that while interesting the Tesla system is not a truly driverless car and should not be operated as a driverless car system. In the past week in one US city, 11 pedestrians were hit by cars. That is one US city. And many fewer than 10,000,000 miles drive. The risk for a system will be the erratic nature of humans driving. So until there are more Ethan 50% driverless cars, the system will have to adapt very quickly.

Automation is something that people like or don’t like. The concept of Artificial Intelligences or AI scares many people. The other concept today in automation is Machine Learning. There are many patterns that machines are good at matching. AI and ML are two models by which computers can augment where humans are.  The interesting thing I’ve seen recently is a change. People, when asked, do you like automation often say no. But when asked if the automation takes a human out of a dangerous situation, is that a good thing? Where more than half of people asked don’t like automation, if it helps keep a human being safer, they like automation at about the same rate as the previous question.

I will leave you with that thought. It’s ok to be nervous about automation. Driverless cars are going to have a really tough time at first. Human drivers can be very erratic. Some situations call for a reaction rather than a calculation. But, if we move to an automated world that saves the lives of humans that is a good thing.

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    The tipping point for automation is saving human lives?

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    Will automaton move from technology solution to legal solution soon?

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    Do you understand the difference between ML and AI?

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    Yes (5 votes) – 71%
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    Yes (6 votes) – 100%
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  2. Did you consider the number of cab drivers all over the world who will have no where to go? Most cab drivers where I live don’t have enough education or skill to get themselves into another job. Unemployment is on the rise and governments don’t work on getting these workers skilled.

    Apart from all this all this what worries me about technology is our privacy and our personal security. Data in the hands of unethical people is a nightmare.

    • ah
      it is a common misconception that there isn’t a driver in driverless cars. The human is still there, just no longer required to pay 100% attention. We will still have taxi drivers, they just won’t be driving they will be interacting with the passengers.

      Automation won’t take as many jobs as the media has projected.

      I do find personal security to be interesting.

      In 1970 a computer programmer for Bank of America did something that no one could do today. He parked money in an account and then put it back where it came from. But he left the interest in the parked account. That couldn’t happen today.

      In 1910 people literally could become a completely new person. They can’t do that now.

      Security is interesting. Privacy i do agree with you.

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