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Attitude Adjustments ~ Some Tips

I am finding several times a day I am needing to make some attitude adjustments. Some of my tried and true options are not working for me any longer, so I went in search of some new ideas, tips and tricks to elevate my mood and attention span. I thought it might be helpful to share some of them here so others might try them as well.

~ Use scents. I thought it was a little odd to believe that a scented but unflavored lip balm could make a difference in my mood and attitude. Still the price of the scented lib balm was under $2.00 so it seemed worth a try. My mood improved as the day went on,  was it the lip balm, who knows.  At least my mood improved.

~ Change your location. No you don’t have to move your home, maybe just switch chairs or step outside for a few moments. Move to disrupt the current attitude.

~ Throw a fit. I prefer, if this is the choice I make to go toss my fit in  a parked car. I won’t hurt anyone. I can yell and scream if need be.

~ Take a nap. Perhaps you are simply tired and grumpy.

~ Listen to some calming music.

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  1. I ordered my groceries today and to lift my mood I went back to childhood, I ordered a silly little liquid Kool-Aid concentrate and now with one squeeze, I can make some 8 0z cups of grape Kool-Aid that thing is the taste takes me back to when I was little and so it makes me smile.

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