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At The Foot Of The Mountain ~ Nature Tuesday

In this area, I have been here since yesterday until tonight. Really,  I did not expect at all that the training program requested from me eight hours as part of a four-day executive training series for a company turned out to be a way for companies to quell the turmoil in management that would put many middle-high executives in the “specialist” box, a position without clear authority and duties besides various mutations and rotations too.

These angry and disappointed executives mocked the first team of psychologists with acclamation “You don’t know anything about our thoughts and feelings!” as well as the next team after our team who more or less talk about the importance of management adaptation to contemporary communication technology-oriented management changes, “Do you think we don’t know the company’s hidden agenda?”

I was fortunate to know all the training participants because they had participated in some of my previous training programs. In addition, the other luck is that our programs are always designed to their interests, both as individuals and as members of the company. However, I have to overhaul the program instantly to suit the situation, of course, to arouse their wisdom in addressing this change. In fact, I think this is a game that is less beautiful and unwise, especially by placing outsiders as the company’s bumper.

Even the idea of bringing participants to a cold place like a luxury hotel at the foot of a mountain like this hardly provides any benefits. Tonight, on the second day, when I left the training site, most participants also went home and ignored the next training session for the next two days.

  • Can you see or imagine the mountain behind the cloud?

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  • Have you ever been made a bumper by certain people or parties?

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  1. I wonder if there is a volcano that can start to burn a lava of fire at any moment.I compare with your visits. “These angry and disappointed managers mocked the first team of psychologists.” I connect them to the volcano.

  2. i have been part of a number of corporate restructuring programs. It is always interesting that yesterday’s most valuable thing is no longer required.

    I found that my value is intrinsic to me, and not who I work for.

  3. Looks like the management has put mountains before you, glad you were able to instantly redesign the program. They cannot bluff their way through all the time, the management needs to understand and address the issue themselves.

  4. I am basically from the foothills of Himalaya and live in two different places near the mountains so I know what you mean. I love your photo and can understand about your feelings.

      • I think I did not give you comment based on your training program 🙂 but all I talked about your photo. You know being a management graduate, what you experienced is a common thing. When I joined my first session, the very first lesson came to me as a kick when our instructor told us “Marketing is nothing but systematic ‘nonsense talk’ (he said this in a different language which had its own but different impact). So, you can expect anything from corporate training programs.

          • I am a management graduate and a mechanical engineer. I am from India but posted in Australia. Have a nice time. I am enjoying the company of great members with lovely photos. You people encourage me to post some of my photos from various locations.

    • Officially, there is no specific goal or target set by the company from my program which later I know the reason.

      During the eight hours of training which was divided into two parts into four sessions of my program, at least we had agreed on several important points besides I opened the door of communication and personal consultation 24 hours after the training was completed. Yesterday afternoon I was informed that all the remaining participants had left on Wednesday morning which meant the program could not be continued. My next task is simply to give a report, evaluation, input and suggestions for the company concerned.

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