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Are you using Facebook Messenger app?

I just installed Facebook Messenger app last night and I was trying out the “making funny photos” feature. At first I only applied the photo filters on my youngest son while chatting with my other kids. They were having so much fun playing with different photo filters. I just figured out I can actually take a photo, apply the filter and save it.

I haven’t been really using Facebook Messenger much and I have been using WhatsApp since I have my first smart phone as many of my friends are using WhatsApp to chat. I am not sure when Facebook Messenger has improved so much and added so many fun features. Perhaps it’s good to take a look at this messenger, not only the fun part, but I hope the video chat will be smoother as I always think there is quite bad lagging when using WhatsApp to video chat with others though sending text or audio is fine.

I just realized Facebook Messenger has a standalone site which is called It makes it so much easier to chat with others using this standalone site. I always think using the small chat box in Facebook to chat with Facebook friends is not so convenient.

Any other features do you know about Facebook Messenger?

Image was taken by me, applied photo filter from Facebook Messenger. This filter made me look perhaps 30 years younger. I hope it doesn’t look too scary to others. Perhaps I will make it as my avatar. ^_^


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