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Are you particular about Pens?

I’ve a thing for pens, I love to shop in stationery shops, trying pens. Lol, I may not always buy them but I’ll definitely try them… Kinda weird, huh?

Then let me tell you something more weird, I believe that you write/draw better with good pens… lol … It’s actually kind of an excuse for me to buy my favourite pen which is slightly more expensive. But since I’ve used it many times, I kinda start to believe it :p

I was thinking about this question, am I the only person who particular about pens?

For writing, I prefers black inky pens so much so I won’t use a blue on if there is a black one around. If there is no black ones, I’d quite unwillingly use a blue one. And I only like inky pens and use only a few of the ballpoint pens. I got this habit from my school days whereby I tried to draw comics (but failed) and then I need to outline them, so black is an obvious choice.

Do you have a preference? Do you have story/reason for your choices?

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    Blue or Black?

    • Blue
    • Black
    • Anything available
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    Do you have a story regarding pens or writing materials or stationery?

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    • No


What do you think?

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  1. My daughter collects pens. I’ve chased the perfect combination of digital and paper for years. I still love the feel of a pen in my hand. I use the Apple Pencil almost every day!

    Awesome piece – thank you for posting this!!!

  2. Oh now you have got my attention. I love ballpoint pens and definitely hate the gel pens. I much prefer the blue color but for a reason or another, here anyway, blue color ballpoint pens are hard to come by. I also hate large or medium ballpoint. I want the finest ballpoint pen I can find and never mind the price. The reason for this is my handwriting is so slanted on the right side that with a medium ballpoint my name would take a complete line (as an example). Plus I have to write myself notes that I stick everywhere, not because I have Alzheimer’s but just because after all, I am 64 and I tend to forget some little things. Anyway thank you for writing this post and letting me go overboard with venting about PENS.

    • LOL, I’m younger than you but write notes too…. I don’t have Alzheimer (maybe I do) because I’d forgot that I wrote notes and missed them somehow :/

      It’s surprising that blue ballpoint is hard to find, they’re quite easily available here. And I didn’t know ballpoint pens have sizes!! I think we only have one size here (or maybe I haven’t been paying enough attention to them)

      I like finer pens too. 0.5 or lower.

  3. I used to invest all my pocket money in buying pens and stuff like that when I was a student. We even had a competition with my friend who will use all the ink first from the same pens we bought. In general, I prefer pens that release more ink, I don’t know how to explain it.


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