Are You In an Agreement With God?

Things go wrong when we are not in an agreement with God. God has kept things for us that are above the limitations of the world. However, being in a human nature, we ask God for things as per the human time. There is nothing wrong in that, but, God takes time when He has bigger, larger and amazing plans for us. Only He knows what it is, but it is not mandatory that He would share them with us.

Most of the time, singles look for life partner, everyone wants quick healing and promotions these days. Some people are quick in making friendship that ends in nightmares. There are many things that are not ordained by God for us and not divine, however, we do not like to remain in an agreement with God and love to take the step of our own faith.

There is a lot of difference between our own faith and the Faith that comes from God. Our own faith is temporary and sounds like an over confident one, however, the true Faith that comes from God is firm and waits upon God in an agreement with Him.

Even then, we human being see what is happening all around us. Friends got married, they have children, they have bank balances, they have good relationships, they are prosperous and it sounds like a much more thing. Thus, it is hard for one to remain in consent with God. Then, one opts for their own choices instead of waiting for the divine one.

As a result, things can go wrong after years too. Now-a-days, divorces are happening after even 20 years of marriage. Also, business breaks down, people go bankrupt and so on. Due to these reasons, we need to remain in an agreement with God.

For me, everything that I did and had was all broken. I lost everything that I had only to remain in an agreement with God. Finally, I had to say that I am in consent with God and I will do what God tells me to do. It is not for our glory that we live, it is for His glory.

When things are to happen for His glory, they are good and have an happy ending. Otherwise, it all goes to a dead end. I am writing this because I have gone through this and it happens to all those who do not opt to go with God.

Initially, whatever I did prospered and at the reaping time, there was destruction. It happened for last many years making me feel that my life is devastated. No relationships, no success, no money and no honor too. Finally, I had to cry out to God and ask Him for the reason. He answered the same that glory belongs to the Lord and hence whatever comes through our Lord Jesus Christ is to be glorified.

So, I am now in an agreement with God and it sounds like I am living a much better life. God wanted me to be in an agreement with Him because He wanted to give me amazing things instead of me adjusting and settling down in mediocrity. God always wants to give us MUCH MORE and MORE THAN ENOUGH, however, we human beings want to settle down with the least because we do not have the eyes of Faith that God has.

Once we have the eyes of Faith, we start seeing through God’s eye and then we understand and see the big picture.

Today, God has come to you with His hand towards you. So, if you are in an agreement with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, then, say “Amen”!

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  1. I was also like you. I wanted what I want and was not ready to listen to God. I wanted the life partner, the business and the home of my choice. But when God’s hard hand came upon me, now, I am in agreement with God. It is clear that God wanted me to work for Him and I was not ready for that. But now I am ready because He has covered me all over.

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