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Are you happy with yourself?

This isn’t a tough question to answer, right? However, it is important to be happy with ourselves. Being happy with yourself ensures that  you make the world around you happy. Being happy with yourself is the result of finding some value in yourself, being able to respect yourself for who you are and accept the person you are.

I often say, if I can’t be happy with me who else can? Unhappy people complain about everything and everyone, basically because they aren’t happy with who they are. That doesn’t mean happy people don’t complain, but they find ways to work around things.

Being happy with our self doesn’t depend on our achievements, position or possessions. It comes with simple acceptance of who we are. Finding value in the people and things around us, having the ability to enjoy the simple things in life. Just to smile away the worries and not walk around with a perpetual frown.

Start by liking  yourself, no one is perfect, you don’t have to be perfect either. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect. Practice gratitude.

  • It is important to work on being happy right?

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  1. This was an easy question for me. Yes! Great post, the photo alone made me smile! My face shows ever emotion, you can read me like a book. Luckily I do smile a lot, and it’s good to hear its good for you. 😁😊😃

  2. Always good to smile and say “thanks every day”, remembering all the nice things in life you can be grateful for.
    However, we all go through stress and some have been through trauma…Healing post traumatic stress takes a lot of love and time…

  3. William James (Founder of the Harvard School of Psychology) proposed a theory in the 1880s. That if you smile every day even forcing the smile, eventually you would be happier. Freud and others dismissed the theory.
    it has been tested many times since the 1970s (because of Freud it was forgotten for 80 years) and honestly, it is true.

    Simply smiling can help you move towards happiness.

  4. I have found that I am happiest when I can do a good writing job and be proud of my work. I was very unhappy while I was not getting some payment and I could not fill up my Copyscape and as a result that made one job, I did not as good. It is important for me to be happy to have everything in my world just right.

  5. There is nothing perfect, nothing perfect, nothing eternal. There is a longing and striving for perfect things, for perfect achievements, for love of the grave. These aspirations, this struggle to achieve the ideal goal drives progress. I think so.

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