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Most people, visit the grocery store to shop about twice per week. For others, a trip to the grocery store is an almost daily activity – whether it’s to run in for that loaf of bread or that carton of milk you forgot to pick up last time. We also spend quite a bit of money when it comes to food. The magazine, Progressive Grocer, found, that the average Americans spent over $840 billion in supermarkets across the country every year. But, did you know that you could actually be paid well for your shopping time spent? Click here and find out how.

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    • Not for you maybe and perhaps not for me but for some writers apart from the ten bucks, they get paid here at Virily, and a few Rupees collecting scrap metal, or some such “menial tasks” getting paid an extra $300 plus per month buying and delivering groceries for aged or disabled people can fill a few empty bellies back home.

      ʾIn shāʾ Allāh is the Arabic language is an expression for “God willing” or “if God wills”. The phrase comes from the Quran which commands Muslims to use it when speaking of future events, It may give some Muslim people writing here at Virily a better appreciation for the words.

      I had a devout Muslim man, a Mister Mohamed working in my business many years ago. I was surprised that he was looking for clerical work and mentioned my surprise to him. He said, very few Muslims are Sheiks, sir!

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