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Are We Sepia? – Color Crazy

Tabby cats are very special to me because they remind me of a beloved pet we had for 15 years. These cats can also be very wild, playful and funny, especially the male ones. I enjoy watching cat videos and I have noticed that tabby cats make some of the most hilarious things.

The photo is of street cats I saw last summer. I posted a picture of one of their child/sibling some time ago. I am not sure whether they fit Kim’s Color Crazy Challenge, but I decided to give it a try.

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  1. Little carbon copy of mama! I need one more cat, I lost my male four years ago now. I have Lily and Nickle the two female tabbies. I have been wanting a long hair male tabby kitten. Maybe this summer I will find one.

  2. I cant help but love cats and they know it. Our last one, Tinteretto was a type of pedigree tabby but a real fierce cat, beat up all the other cats in the neighbour hood. A real character. Sadly died of liver failure at 11 years old.


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