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I am very curious because as you know when you try to get answers from the admin they are usually in short supply. I’m not complaining as I have never been shortchanged before and I don’t have a problem now.  I am merely curious since all the talks about changes etc. have shown any marked increase or decline? I am not fishing for private information either, just curious in the absence of official information. I think in the absence f a forum, this is pretty much the only way we keep in touch with each other.


What do you think?

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    • I believe the algorithm Google applies to their Adsense monetization, is derived from several factors, all of which I don’t claim to know anything about, nor am I trying to apply the 3B’s system on you, Alex, (B’s Baffles Brains). I have a ridiculously investment and see the many aspects being factored into my profits, ie drought, mass crop failures climate change, unstable fossil fuel prices, labour unrest, Dollar exchange rates, etc, etc. Finally, Virily’s payments too are of necessity also affected. Thank you for responding to this post, regards, Andre’

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