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Are naps good or bad?

We have all heard that taking a nap during the day disturbs the sleep pattern, impairs night sleep and can be harmful to health. However, many people have the habit of napping and report that midday rest brings them benefits.

Evidence shows that genius figures in our history in various areas slept the nap. Examples of this are: Edison; Einstein; Winston Churchill; Napoleon Bonaparte; and Presidents Kennedy, Roosevelt, and Reagan.

Naps can have several health benefits, including energy, stress, creativity and mood.

If you want to take full advantage of napping and avoid the potential harm, follow these simple steps:

1- Avoid napping if you suffer from insomnia: until you have your sleep pattern regularized it is preferable not to sleep the nap, however, tired you may be;

2- Ensure that the nap is of adequate duration: 20 to 30 minutes of nap already guarantees a rapid increase in energy;

3- Make sure you nap every day at the same time: taking the nap at different times can confuse your circadian rhythm (the one-day period in which the activities of the biological cycle are completed). On the contrary, napping at the same time will bring more benefits;

4- The nap should not take place before night sleep: 6 hours before bedtime should not take any nap.

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