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Apology Already

I think I might owe some people an apology. I thought the up arrows and down arrows would move the screen. I think they are a button that says I like or don’t like your stuff. It is a horrible way to begin. Maybe Gramps is too old and not tech savvy enough to be here.  So I am sorry if I hit your buttons a bunch of times and never got anything to move. I think I under stand it now. It’s not a scroll button.

  • Could you think if a worse way to begin?

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  1. Do not worry too much … I too have broken it from the beginning … and it’s harder to find it harder to find me, but I’ve learned … so it’s just a touch … many of us are here old

    • Accidentally my answer went here instead as a separate comment… 😐

      No, people to ignore are the people who do such things in purpose… When this user did that (downvoted several of my articles, even the one in which I answered and tried to help him) I didn’t know what it was about and thought he was one of those (mean, freak) users… I learned what it was about after I already commented in his article and explained…
      Do not comment and interfere into things you didn’t and don’t understand!!!

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