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Answers To Problems On Virily

I read a couple of posts about the problems on Virily.

I have a few answers to those problems.

Here is how you work around the problem — I just figured this out in the last twenty days or less.

1) Thumbnail Picture not loading

You first load the picture and reload the page, then you add the text .  Do not add text first , if you do it you would lose your text when you reload the page.

2) Question not getting saved in polls

If your questions don’t load  quickly save the draft. You will see the question there even if it showed a blank before.  This way you would know if the question has loaded correctly. Sometimes we add more questions thinking it has not loaded and it shows up as multiple questions. Do it as many times as it needs to be done and you have all your questions loaded.

3) I do find there there are times the website loads a bit slowly , I just do other things and get back to it at a later time.

4) Dashboard is not updated – Earnings

I am not so sure about this but I think from your Total virils  on your profile page you would be able to know how much you have made each day ,week or month if you had kept track

I wrote a part of this as my response to this post by Abishek  but I decided to post it as a separate post so

I guess it is a bug here which the team can fix.

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  1. The site is like that with all the drawbacks but it would be better to make more effort.
    If all members join and open a new site so that we all are shareholders, the site could be called a blog association.
    The money would be shared among us depending on the work and contributions of all of us.
    Proposal for smart and entrepreneurial members.

  2. Some of these are long standing problems,
    some are LOOOOOOOOONG standing problems … so yeah…
    it does gets annoying when nothing is done about it …
    Thanks for the information, Dawn, great help! 🙂

    • It absolutely is Fortune! My Dashboard has not updated since the end of March (and before that, it had not updated since November of last year!!!) If it had updated at the end of April, as it should have done, I would have been paid by now. By my calculations, I have about $13 in earnings, but still can’t get it, as it has not been converted from Virils into currency. Really infuriating. Why do we have to wait so long?! The Dashboard should update at least at end of every month, even if not more often than that.

        • Has it been updated at the end of April then tasartcraft? I didn’t realise. I had to wait months and months for it to update last time, so I thought it was the same thing again. Can you advise please which is the best email address to use to contact Admin about it? I don’t usually get any reply when I contact them. Which is the best address to use, can you say? Thanks.

          • Yes, mine and many other people’s was… It was updated somewhere around the 26th and was updating each day since them till the 1st of May when all the sections turned into zero except the Unpaid (in the Total) – are you sure nothing is updated on yours……………….?????

            No e-mail address, just a PM: Virily Editor

            I know, not always answering…..

        • Definitely hasn’t updated yet! Not since the end of March. The Unpaid tab has been showing as “Pending” since then. I have $6.20 cash as of the last update, but I know I have earned a lot more virils since then. Can’t send them a message either, as the Contact Form doesn’t work here on the website, grrr!! Saying “Your message cannot be sent at present.” I will send an email to Virily Editor then, thanks.

        • I’ve sent an email to and to admins Natalie and Alex too, since the Contact Form doesn’t work. They haven’t replied yet, surprise surprise! I know it is still early, message only sent yesterday, but often I don’t get a reply at all. I can’t view my Notifications either: I mean, I can see the menu at the top telling me how many I have got (around 7 at the last count), but when I click on the Notifications tab it just keeps taking me to my Profile page, so I can’t see who has commented, etc. This site has so many technical issues, it is really infuriating!! I’m giving up on it soon to be honest. I just want to get my payment first, since it has taken me so much time and effort to earn it!

          • Maggie…….., I already told you several times to write a PM (private message) to the Virily Editor and/or Natalie because the support link doesn’t work so could be the e-mail isn’t working too!…..

            I don’t know, i don’t have such problem… Could be the maintenance… Pages are loading slowly today…

            It could be because they are working on the improvements (you did notice the changes, right…?), as you probably already read from my articles…..

          • yes but we talked about these things several times… I know I told you who to write and how… I don’t know which one is it, probably that one, and like I told you, write them in a PM

          • Logically if they are not answering e-mails you should write them where I told you to write them… I never send e-mails since the support box isn’t working anymore…

          • Tasartcraft: I have sent messages to *all* of the email addresses, OK? And haven’t had any replies. You don’t have to keep commenting on this and replying to me, if you are finding me irritating. I am asking general questions here – someone else might be able to advise me. I don’t see why I shouldn’t ask – I have to ask other site-users, since the Admin won’t reply. I have to ask more than once, as I can’t always remember the information, if it is a while since someone told me. I am not on this site all the time,, I have other things to do and to think about.

        • We haven’t discussed it that many times! Please don’t make me feel bad about asking. Just don’t answer if you don’t want to. This website is a nightmare!! Why can’t I just be honest about it?! The Contact form doesn’t work and they are not replying to emails. I will try the then, thank you.

          • We talked a lot about ALL these things – including the dashboard, payments and admins answers so no one told you you can’t be honest about it but that we already talked several times about it and I explained you everything…! I don’t know how many times I told you but I know I told you because those were always long discussions where I was explaining you several times about all these things (I know I repeated some of them 2 or 3 times…)… I already KNOW about ALL about them not answering……!!! So, I am not making you feel bad, I just don’t understand since I am keeping repeating to you to send a PM but you don’t listen and keep saying the e-mail….. If you are not getting answers on the e-mail why are you sending it and I’m sending you where to get the answers???

  3. The dashboard never gets updated until a day or so before we get paid. Issues has been going on for many, many months if not longer now. Not transparent. We should be able to see earnings every day.

    • They already know, I already wrote them about this several times as they know about many other glitches but still not fixing them…..! Probably they have some order in doing things since they are now implementing these changes I guess………….. 😐

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