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Another sky!

Well, I got “shouted” at for stopping in the middle of the track to snap this photo … Well, I looked up and saw how lovely the sky is … so I just stopped (I make sure no one is near enough to bump into me) and snapped.

Then someone zooming on his e-scooter shouted from behind, “Don’t stop in the middle!” and then some runners shouted back, “this is a RUNNING track!”

Nope, no one was hurt and the e-scooter is nowhere near me … but well, I still hope no one is zooming on the running track as its dangerous!

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    Ever see people on e-scooter riding at fast speed on tracks with lots of people?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Do you think its dangerous?

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    • Haha … I’ll stay safe, no worries …
      Hmm… I think most of you misunderstood e-scooter with scooter …
      Or maybe I use the wrong term … it should be e-bike?
      Those bikes that run by electric and has a motor … and can go up to 20-40km/h (depending)

      There are many riding these and zooming on walkways … :/

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