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And the Answer is: This is a …

A couple of days ago I posted this photo and asked you to guess what it was a picture of. Here’s the original post if you haven’t chosen your answer yet: The answers given so far break down as follows:

  • An insect colony (9 votes) – 39%
  • A plant (5 votes) – 22%
  • A rock formation (8 votes) – 35%
  • Part of a human body (1 votes) – 4%

Well the time to reveal the truth has arrived. And this is a photo of a … plant! It is a Stephania venosa, from Thailand, and that fat bulbous formation is called a caudex, used for storing water. I snapped it in Dublin’s Botanic Garden. Well done to all who got the answer correct, and thanks to all who joined in 😀

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