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I won’t get paid this month.

Because I got paid earlier.

Yay! Thanks Virily!

I feel like I’m no longer a noob.

Well, I still don’t understand how earnings are updated, but I guess most of the experienced members don’t know either. All good.

Lately, I’ve been more motivated to stay here.

The only trouble is waiting for the posts to be approved.

I would have loved to join the photo challenges, but I have no certainty of when my posts get published. The day before is not always an accurate guess.

While this is an issue several users face, I’m grateful for the latest changes and updates that Virily implemented to improve the platform, and the approval times aren’t enough of a reason to make me give up.

I guess the staff has been too busy elsewhere, and it might be difficult to keep up with everything. This is more of a display of concern than a proper complaint.

There are other few things I’d like Virily to take care of.

Social Media

Virily has more than one thousand (1k) followers on each of their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). Yet, their latest activities date back to 2018.

I think it’s important to get back to these platforms. It would help with visibility, and could be a good place where to post updates and keep in touch with the members.

New Users

Registrations for new users are currently closed. It’s been a while, actually.

I can’t deny this choice came with benefits. The site is easier to manage, and the value of virils has increased. At least, that was what I heard.

However, I believe there are plenty of people who would love to replace those who left, and help the community grow and prosper.

  • What do you think the priority should be?

    • Decrease approval times
    • Be active on social media again
    • Re-open registrations for new users

What do you think?

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  1. Congrats on your payment… As the things stand I don’t get a payment every month from this site but I think I should work more here and try for one at least every alternate month, thanks for posting this.

    • Thanks! 😊 Last month, I made more than $5 and posted only 6 times. I was mostly active visiting and commenting the posts from other users. It shouldn’t be hard to be paid every alternate month. Good luck with it. πŸ˜‰

  2. Congratulations on your payment! I have to say that Virily’s getting more and more attractive for me after the latest updates and I feel more motivated than before to be active here, so I hope I will soon follow your example and reach my first payment.

  3. Congrats on your payment…! I now think admins are doing their best and they probably know why they do like they do (I hope)… I also didn’t know anything about registrations closed and am quite surprised about it… Maybe it’s because of the changes and fixes, maybe because of something else but I believe they know why it’s best to be like that as well as other things… Also the approval thing was probably just temporary due to the holidays (like they told me)…

    • I wish I knew what was in the mind of the admins. πŸ˜„
      I feel like I’m back to childhood, not understanding why parents take decisions in a certain way, and if I ask, I’m told “because yes”, like some things were too technical for us to understand. πŸ€”πŸ˜…
      Now that they’re faster at approving, or I guess they are, I have nothing to post. πŸ™„

      • Yes, I feel like that when it comes to everything currently, especially when it comes to the users… It seems the much you comment them and the more you are a friend to them they have the less need to comment you, so I guess people here “like the most” to be ignored here so that way they will comment you… 😐 Also, I was asked if “I worked for Virily” several times by a user because I managed to get several answers from the admin (I simply found a way and wrote her on Facebook) and because I expressed my opinion of the Dashboard which I tracked every day since it updated, and answered all her questions, after which she even repeated those questions in other people’s posts while she isn’t answering at all…! 😐 (Carol) To me that is an awful behavior…!

        I think it’s not like that in their minds… Whenever I have spoken to them they were like: no need to be frustrated; we do the priorities, always something; on facebook she even told me she likes to be contacted… I think they don’t answer when everything is ok or there is something more important, I wrote this several times till now in other people’s posts… I think they think we suppose everything is ok or something like that…

        Yes, today they approved all, it was a weekend and a holiday before that although I was told they will approve everything a little before than they actually did that…

          • It’s frustrating when you attempt to help people who don’t help themselves, it feels like wasted time. I feel you.
            It’s always better to be thankful even when we think the help we’re receiving doesn’t work.

            Sorry, I must have forgotten about that. I’ve been gathering new ‘data’ and that part got buried.
            For example, I saw there’s a Virily account (not Virily Editor but another) that used to post about tips, updates or challenges.
            On a post, they said the users that post high quality content regularly have the chance to become verified, meaning they no longer have to wait for their content to be approved. That’s also what I read in some comments here.
            I wish their communication improvements also included posting more articles on Virily, like they used to.

            It’s easier to remember what people did, instead of what they said. And I see Virily has been less active. Perhaps, they’re working more behind the scenes, but that isn’t something we can see, therefore it sometimes feels we’re forgotten.
            If Virily members have their own concerns and don’t feel completely safe, ignoring or telling them everything is okay and their issue is unimportant, isn’t a good strategy.
            Of course, I understand it’s their website and they’re free to do as they please, but users are those who keep the platform alive, deal with it daily and are most affected by changes.
            It would help if Virily kept us updated about their projects and asked for opinions from time to time, as we aren’t simple viewers but creators.
            I don’t like the way Virily acts towards us, it’s too secretive and leads to discomfort and suspicion among the users.

          • Thanks for understanding, it’s over the top to me…..! I sound like the only one being negative, frustrated, conflicted and similar here but when it’s enough it’s enough…! Especially those high-ranked users…!!! It’s like they (people generally here) don’t see anything and care only about themselves while constantly saying the opposite like they are nice, thoughtful and similar… When you are not nice and genuine they mind that, if you are they don’t care AT ALL……!!! (Sorry if this sounds like I’m arguing “with you”, I’m not, just expressing how I feel about them…). When I wanted to leave they were all like “ohh, nooo, we will miss you…” and now they are so not appreciating what and how much is done for them, the attention I was giving them… Now I’m sounding like a Calimero, heheeh 😐 Anyway, I’m like I don’t care about your stories, and don’t want to comment on any of them so I don’t know what will I do and if I’ll be active that much here anymore… I want to comment but not on such people, and there is not that many of us here….. :/

            Anyway you are right…! It’s hard to help or even be nice to such people and rewarding them constantly… Currently I’m livid toward that person who is asking such questions (hoe do I get those info, how I get replies from admins, do i work for virily) and didn’t answer ANY OF MY REPLIES…!

            Not sure what you mean… – forgot about what…? :/
            Yes, I know that, i saw it long ago but forgot what exactly was written there… I’m not even verified, probably because of the theme I post (Virily), heheeh, or maybe it’s the number of my posts… :/
            Yes, it would also be good, but they probably have another approach or something… :/

            Yes, I know, that is how I felt too and often wrote about that where everyone agreed no communication, notification and info is bad, but now I’m like “ok, I know approximately what’s going on so cool”, but if there is a problem I write to the admin/Virily Editor…

            I know, I was feeling the same… But like I said above… They also probably can’t manage everything (I think)… :/ Don’t know but I learned to trust a little more after I got some answers… If there is a issue I write a message, sometimes I get the reply sometimes not… :/

          • Virily mirrors real life. You often have to act like you care, if you want to thrive. I’m accustomed to hypocrisy, though I despise it. I even prefer contradiction because it feels more genuine than hypocrisy. πŸ˜„

            I meant I forgot about the piece in a post you made where you said Virily is working on communication.

            I think it’s the number of posts that doesn’t make you verified. After all, we’ve been here for years, but not as consistent as we should. We should be posting about every day.

            I’m too shy to contact the admins directly, but it’s good you gained more trust even if not all your messages receive a reply.

          • Exactly…..! I’t tired of being “super nice” even if I don’t feel like that much – mostly because I don’t like how those people act towards me and how much they invest Their effort towards me… I was like that because I really liked some lovely posts (as much as you can really like something here and I always say what I really like) and just having fun and play here, but now I’m like there are better things and since no one is excited like me I hate that hypocrisy and becoming more real…..

            Oh, ok, glad I reminded you then… πŸ˜‰

            Yes, I agree, but if you ask me, I (at least currently) don’t understand people who post 3-5 posts Every Day….. No wonder they can’t manage to reply to all the comments…..! I can’t do it like that nor (currently) want to because I need the time to sum up my Impressions and move to another new post… I am more satisfied when I can reply to all, contemplate a little, and then post a new thing.

            Why…, no need to be shy at all, it is a normal thing… I don’t know if it’s trust or simply the things I had problems with… I never wrote in my article that even the admin who I contacted via Facebook told me she likes to be contacted that way because that means people like Virily, although I WAS surprised to hear that since they are rarely answering messages here…! So I mentioned communication and that so many people here are unsatisfied and very frustrated with it and she kinda draw back a little then… But eventually she said she knows and that they have big plans for the site and working on the communication too… – I wrote about all of that in that “Virily Changes” article… πŸ˜‰

  4. we don’t know the whole story, so we can’t make an informed decision. it seems like being more active on social media to promote the site would be advisable, but what if they’re spending all their time approving posts and improving performance?

    can’t say where their optimal ROI is without knowing what the admins know. and we don’t…

    • They’re probably busier now compared to a year ago. I shared what was on my mind after it took four days to get a post approved, I saw their latest activity on social media and read about people on forums who would have loved to register and been waiting for a while.
      Then I just wanted to know what users cared about the most among these options. You’re right, we can’t take decisions in behalf of the administrators, and I guess we never did, but that wasn’t my intention in the first place.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion. πŸ™‚

  5. Lately, things are much better than they were. I also have similar problems as you … wait for the approval of posts, but I do not burden when it will be approved. Members are familiar with the situation and do not mind if the post for the challenge is delayed 😊

  6. Congratulations on your payment.
    I do not need to wait for approval of my posts but I understand how it’s annoying to wait for few days. I also noticed Virily Editors posts, and I understand how SEO is powerful for any site. Just pity they do not credit us more for external views so there is no inspiration to write posts using SEO, or long, meaningful posts that would attract people outside Virily.

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s kind of frustrating and may ruin plans. You’re lucky you don’t have to wait for approval. πŸ™‚
      Agreed. I think rewards for external views were removed because some were abusing the system somehow, but it demotivates users to write high quality posts. At least the site runs smoothly now, it wasn’t SEO friendly at all when it took ages to load pages.

  7. Congrats on payment!! You know you deserve it!!
    Well I think its great they’re not opening doors to new people … I think they should wait till the site is more stable in order to keep them. :p

  8. Congratulations on your payment … that waiting for posting approval also kills me … I waited 3 days for the approval of today’s announcement so that May 1 is already passing

    • I noticed Virily Editor has been posting articles lately, I guess they’re attempting to get more views, and more revenues, by using SEO. I hope it’ll be successful so they can focus on other issues. The site might need more staff.
      Thanks for sharing your opinion. πŸ™‚

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