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An Update on the Missing Drafts Problem (the Missing Notifications)

Since we are currently not able to Edit our posts I have to do it this way no matter how ridiculous it looks… When this problem gets fixed maybe I will update the referring post where I initially wrote about this with this info and put it all in one place… (We’ll see……….)

Seems that besides Drafts (and generally Posts page in the More Menu section) and some other sections we are all missing some notifications… I didn’t notice that because I wasn’t paying attention due to the Commenting Notifications and thought only some other members that told me about it had that problem but now that I learned it was only with the Upvote Notifications and how it looked on other people’s profiles (some old notifications or marked as “Read” appearing and similar) I checked mine too and noticed it seems I wasn’t getting ANY of them too (so pay attention)…!

I don’t know why ONLY the Upvote Notifications are missing (could be actually some other are missing too) and what it has to do with the Posts page and some other More Menu sections missing but hopefully we’ll be notified about it or it will be fixed soon…!

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  • Have you noticed some of the (Upvote) Notifications are missing too…?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Wasn’t looking


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    • Yes, but it was not ok they were missing for the ones who do care because that is the only way to know who visited your post if he didn’t comment… – people who upvoted your posts…
      Thanks, I am very glad you like it…! 🙂 It is from one very interesting coffeeshop… 🙂
      I now posted the Coffee talk Challenge if you are interested….. 😉

  1. I noticed this too. All these bugs already started annoying me. I want to keep trust in Virily but each day we get bad surprises. Right now, I do not see any photos in new posts, and when I tried to write the poll and add a photo, it also disappeared. I do not know what the programmers created this site but it may become too complex because we get more and more bugs.

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