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An old train..

This a type of old train which is fueled by diesel.

It’s going to be replaced by double track electrical railway soon in my country, which is going to be fueled by electrics.

I know the new train is much cosy and has more comfortable seating than the old train, but this one can bring good memory.

I wish I can take one trip before it become part of the history.

source of image:KTMMalaysia


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  1. I haven’t been seeing such trains for quite some time. They are still being operated in where you stay, right? When I was young, I liked to see them when I visited your area as I couldn’t find trains elsewhere. 😛

  2. I have always enjoyed traveling by train. I sometimes go to travel on historical trains just for fun. I love steam engines and also the old diesel locomotives. Historical train routes for tourists will preserve the old trains in some places.

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