An Apple Announcement and memories of "The Shack"

I know that as a PPC/future state Windows Phone user in 2007 we made fun of the iPhone. It didn’t have a stylus. How could you use the phone without a stylus? The boy was we wrong; it was easier to use the iPhone than it was to use the PPC and later Windows Phone. I think in part, the stylus was natural for me because I grew up before the age of touch computers. In fairness, I grew up in the age before windows.  Not windows you look through, but windows for PCs. My first computer with a GUI was an Apple IIc. That was back in the days of DOS computers. DOS as is Disk Operating System not the Denial of Service that DOS has become in the internet era. Back when you a flashing C:/ prompt.

I got back further than that, to the CPM days, to the Tandy computer days. There was a time when “The Radio Shack” was less a bad mall idea, and more of the place to be. When radio shack was the place, us geeks went to. We would wander the aisles of Radio Shack dreaming. Ham Radios and computers, connectors and wires that we would look at and dream. The Radio Shack named for the communications area of a ship. Everything that was needed for, well every project we could dream up. They, Radio Shack, even introduced us to do more. There were kits you could buy at Radio Shack that taught us how to wire things properly. How to connect and create circuits that turned on a light. I guess we were, back then easily entertained.

Were the original Angry Birds just turning an LED on or off?

The past slipping away now, the memories of Radio Shack less a happy memory and now a sad reminder. Failure is always an option. We strive ever to avoid it, but it is there. We can fail. Radio Shack, in the end, was a sad reminder of that. 50% off. 75% off and then, closed forever replaced by a salon featuring 15 new hair colors you have to try. What was is no more. I wonder what is coming, today!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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