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American Goldfinch bird at the feeder

It is always a delight to see  a new bird at the bird feeder. I have mostly sparrows year round so it was a treat to see this brightl canary yellow colored bird which is called American Goldfinch. The yellow and black color is specific to the breeding males.

Goldfinches are commonly found in weedy fields , open flood plains, backyards and parks. They feast almost entirely on seeds from certain trees, sunflowers and grasses. They are known to be somewhat acrobatic, balancing on the seed heads of plants as they feast on the seeds.

Image: ©Gloridaze(2020)

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    • I have several fruit trees, shrubs and lots of feeders, houses and a pond. I have sparrows year round but each spring and summer I get visits from different types of birds and even though they don’t stay long, it is always nice to see new birds in the yard. Thanks for the video, it is lovely.


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