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The final agreement is the act to make the three agreements in the previous articles come true. Regardless of the outcome, always do your best, nothing more. If you overwork, you will feel tired and do not want to continue. If you do it under your ability, you will feel frustrated, so the best thing we can do is to do our best. Don Miguel said that this mindset makes people work more efficiently, do not hesitate to wait for the opportunity but do not rush to ruin their opportunities. By doing my best, I will feel happier with the present.

Always doing my best is the motto of my work. I always tell myself, my friends, and my students that we should never aim for perfection but only focus on the best at the present. For example, when I started building The Present Writer blog, I knew nothing about programming or design. The day I launched the site (or even today), the blog was incomplete, there were many things I wanted to fix and change. However, if I keep waiting for the perfect time, I will never be able to publish an article. Similarly, because this blog is my development journey, maybe in the future I will become more mature and feel that what I am writing at this time is not good. But no problem! This is the best thing I can do in the present moment with my current thoughts, circumstances, and experiences.

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