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Alphabet Crazy – Fried Rice!

I’m moving on to “F” for the challenge, thinking it might be posted only on Monday… so yeah if this happens early do imagine seeing it only on Monday :p

I love to eat Fried rice, my mother makes them really well and I love it when she cooks it!

I’m glad I saw the cover image is able to be shown without having to refresh the page! Virily has fixed another issue! Yeay!

Have been busy trying to get use to new delivery job nowadays … too tired to be here often, but will try to be here more often after that 🙂


1) Post a anything, e.g: photo/art/poem/story/memories (not limited to) of anything that starts with the alphabet! You can go at your own pace for this challenge 🙂

2) Remember to put “Alphabet Crazy” in your title!

3) You’re free to combine with other challenges! Nobody say you can’t post a red aeroplane or blue elephant :p

4) You’re welcome to post non-English words (say your native language) but DO explain its meaning to us, so that we can learn from each other!


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    Have you tried Fried Rice?

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    Notice the problem with the cover image solved?

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  1. I love Chinese fried rice and cute that you picked it for the alphabet crazy – a crazy idea (lol)

    Talking about uploading images a user here had an issue. I alerted Admin. If you had that issue has it now been solved. I could inform that user.

    • I don’t have that problem when I posted this … but that is just a one-time event (I haven’t posted any post after this)… If I do, I think I can update again about it 🙂

      Ahh… fried rice seems like a popular dish!

  2. First off, I love fried rice, did you mom make the dish you posted? It looks just exactly like my moms fried rice. Oh man, when I was a kid it was one of my favorites. I still love it now. Shrimp is my favorite, but she also made it with chicken sometimes. I did not notice the cover image problem fixed, but would of today. I am making a new game. Good luck on the new job.

    • Oh… my mum makes her own unique fried rice (not the one in the photo!) LOL

      We love corn and corn will always be in our fried rice … followed by french beans. Oh, we haven’t had chicken fried rice before! Maybe we could try it next time! We usually use luncheon meat or char sew. (Pork mainly)

      Thanks, Kim for the well wishes! 🙂