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Alphabet Crazy – E for Earphones!

I love earphones and earphone cases … It’s just something that will make me want to buy! But I’m trying to curb that impulsiveness as I do have enough to last me a more than month even if every pair I own breaks down after just 1 week of usage … (Or maybe not because my mum always “robs” me of my earphones :p)

Yes, I’m the “supplier” of earphones in my family. My mum takes from me when she needs (nope, she usually misplaces them) one and my sister too … haha


1) Post a anything, e.g: photo/art/poem/story/memories (not limited to) of anything that starts with the alphabet!

2) Remember to put “Alphabet Crazy” in your title!

3) You’re free to combine with other challenges! Nobody say you can’t post a red aeroplane or blue elephant :p

4) You’re welcome to post non-English words (say your native language) but DO explain its meaning to us, so that we can learn from each other!


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    Do you have a favourite brand when it comes to audio gadgets?

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    • No
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    Do you use earphone casing or pouch?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I crocheted a small pouch to keep my earphones, as sometimes I might carry my earphones when I go out. I use earphones only when I want to listen to audio and someone is around me, especially my kids or when I am outside.

    • I do use earphones a lot more when I’m outside or when I’m working.
      Woo, you must be very “crafty” to be able to crocheted a small pouch for your earphones!