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Alphabet Crazy – D … D… Dangerous!!

There have been a lot more e-scooters (electric scooter) on the roads nowadays. More accidents involving e-scooters have been reported.

There are people who use e-scooters for daily usage and there are those who use them for deliveries. Food delivery companies like GrabFood and foodPanda are hiring e-scooters and cyclist to help deliver within the neighbourhoods.

And the results are faster deliveries and more dangers for the pedestrians. You see such delivery companies have policies that tries to cut-down waiting time of the customers. They’ll require the deliver person to reach within a timeframe.

The deliver person will rush and then accidents happen. Another reason is that, there are many “blindspots” in the walking paths because they’re designed for people to walk on, but now not only pedestrians are using them. The e-scooters are also using them and if they go fast, they’ll not brake in time at those blindspots.

Deaths are rare in accidents involving the e-scooters but still people get hurt.

Dangers are everywhere, and now, we’ve more and more dangers around.

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    Have you seen an e-scooter on the street?

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    Do you agree that they should not be riding at certain areas or that speed limits shoudl be imposed?

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  1. I know they were running in Milan but were removed in a timely manner because regulations had to be written. Avoiding sidewalks should be common sense when you drive at such a high speed, but I understand bike lanes might not be available everywhere and the road is no less dangerous.

  2. When I drive to see such an electric scooter on the road, I sweat. I do not know what the person’s reaction will be in the next moment. I agree that they are very dangerous.

    • Yes, speed is the problem. We’ve imposed a speed limit (and only approving machines with a top speed of about 20-25km/h) but then people are riding at top speed even when there’re lots of pedestrians.