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Alphabet Crazy Challenge – Escape

Living in  a huge city often makes you desperate to escape from the madness  and get into natures lap just to breathe the fresh air without all the pollutants of the city life. I try to get away and escape the madness of the city during the weekends.  Sometimes Hubs and I drive aimlessly just equipped with a flask of strong coffee, some treats and bottles of water.

We find strange places in the middle of nowhere where civilization has not yet reached it busy hands. There are no boards, no directions, just vast roads ahead and beautiful sights to see.  We trek, have a bite, drink some coffee,  take some pictures and drive back. Some weekends are heavenly – I mean it literally, you just have the heavens above you with nothing to disturb you.

An escape is what we often need to rejuvenate, an escape from work, form the madness of the city, from the normal, boring things we do, from all the stress and strain of life itself.  Do you agree?

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    Do you try to escape from normal life once in a while?

    • Yes
    • No
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    What do you like to do for an escape ? Please tell me in your comments.

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Written by Dawn


  1. i have a number of ways to escape,

    I get outside and go for a walk!
    I go to an art museum and immerse myself in the magic of art.
    I go on a train ride and watch the world pass me by.

    there are more, what a great post for the challenge!