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All the Currently Relevant Virily Info in One Place

Lately I’m posting a lot of Virily themed articles, the themes are kinda imposing themselves lately since some problems and confusions are constantly showing up…

Many of you read those articles and commented but despite that still asking the same questions I already answered in those articles so I decided to post all of them in one place… I know many of these articles are very long and sometimes hard to understand but all the currently relevant info (I know of) are there…

There were also some questions about the glitches when creating Polls and one user answered them by creating a post with all the workarounds you can use when creating them in her post, Answers To Problems On Virily.

When it comes to my posts, all the currently relevant Virily issues posts are here:

The Editing Drafts Problem – how to find the Edit button

The Approachable and Unapproachable Virily Collections and How to Create ThemCollections

The Virily “HOT” Posts Page Link + Creating Polls GlitchesPolls glitches

Virily – the “HOT” Posts Page

Virily – How the Payments are Calculated and Made – the Simpler Version + Some Additional Explanations and Info…!Payments and the Dashboard

Virily – How the Payments Are Calculated and Made and How to Interpret the Dashboard – the Confusions Resolved…!!!Payments and the Dashboard

Have You Seen the “New” Dashboard (That Updates Daily)…??! 😀 + the Payments Are Made – the Dashboard at the end of April before it again stopped updating

Updates on the Virily Changes and Some New Findings…Collections and how to Edit Drafts

The Current Changes on Virily – an Info from the Admin and the New Look of Posts on Profile Posts Pages (and think more to come…)!!! 😀 😉 – plus Collections, the three dots and how to Edit Drafts (in the Update! at the end of the post)

And some additional articles with some suggestions and solutions for earning more…:

Virily – Some Tips for Earning More and Making Others Earn More

Some New Ideas for Earning Virils (and Improving Virily Traffic) and Some Coincidences

I will maybe also make Collections later where I will put all Virily articles in the referred Collection as well as other articles in their referred Collections, but the only problem is there is still one problem with some of the old posts where the photos inside those articles are Still not visible… I wrote about that to the admin several times, and they are already aware of that but I don’t know why they are still not fixing that, maybe it depends on the other implementations and fixes


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    • Thank you so much…!!! 😉 Thank you for thinking so and appreciating my efforts…!!! Yes, sometimes it takes a lot of effort, patience and time but it is a challenge and interesting for me too so… 😉 Although it already became a little too much so I will have to make a little break from it and post some of my other interests, hehehe… ;)) Welcome…!

  1. I will repeat. I have to appoint you as an Administrator (volunteer). They do not explain the innovations and We all wait for your help. It is priceless and unpredictable for us. Thanks.👏👏👏

    • Hahaha, thank you so much Lacho for the very flattering compliment, but please don’t do that!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 ;D This is already way too much for me, ehehehehheheheheh…! ;D I am actually looking forward to finally starting posting something else but these themes are constantly popping-up, hehehe… ;D I just have a couple more of them I planned to post and then I will see… 😉
      Yes, I agree, but we all were newbies when we came here and managed quite well, right, hehehe…? 😉 Thank you so much, I am very glad you do and think so, it is priceless for me you thinking so too!!!….. 🙂 You are very welcome….. 😉

    • Oh, sorry, you actually said innovations, not newbies…, sorry… 🙂 Yes, I know, but by exploring we also learn… I can understand some people having troubles managing it so I’m glad you find these explanations helpful……!!! 🙂

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