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Aim To Get things Done Rather Than For Perfection

Many of us struggle with getting things done, in the time we have. Perfection is great, but it often hinders us from doing all that we need to do in a day.  If you have the habit of making a list of the things to do and find yourself ticking off just a few items on the list, one of the reason could be you are aiming for perfection rather than getting everything done.

I used to be like that many years ago until I decided to let go of my need to be perfect. I found things were stacked up waiting to be done and I never had enough time for them.  Some of the things I learned during that time are discussed here.

Start with a list of specific things you need to do, I instead of writing clean the  kitchen  – clean the counter tops, put away the dishes etc.  would make getting the task done easier.

Start the list a few easy tasks which are easy to start with, the harder tasks come in the middle when there is enough motivation and energy.

The lighter stuff is left for the later part of the day when there is less energy.

Aim to finish everything within a given time frame so you have some time for yourself to do the things you like to do , treat this is a reward for having done the tasks on the list.

Listing the things you need to do the previous night helps reduce any wasting of time in the morning.

Remember you have only so much energy and it better used in keeping things orderly rather than perfect.

24 hours is all we have each day , so make the best of it.

With practice comes perfection, so lets get started.

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