Louis Hey dedicated her life to studying how to live positively and fulfilled, and while serving a lot of affirmations.She taught us that the point of our power is always at the present time, where we plant mental seed to create new experiences.

I behave as though I already have what I want – it’s a great way to get lucky!

These are the best Louisian affirmations1. Life loves me!

2. I am in the process of positive change.

3. When I say life to YES, and life tells me YES.

4. Deep stuff meets everything I do.

5. When I forgive myself, I also make it easier for others.

6. I’m willing to let go of pain.

7. I prosper wherever I turn.

8. My healthy thoughts help to create my healthy body.

9. I am healthy, complete and complete.

10. I pass all the bridges with ease and joy.

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  1. Very interesting affirmations. I have similar ones written on paper and hung under the TV. And I read them. They are always in front of me.
    The main one is to quote: “Make peace with yourself, and heaven and earth will settle down with you”
    Father Tadej.

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