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Abundance ~ Black and White Friday

Pray regularly for a drop of water, maybe it will fall on your tongue to reduce thirst.

Do some efforts while still praying for a spoonful of water, maybe nature will work to get people to come to give it.

Work as hard as you can for a dipper of water, maybe you will find drop by drop, spoon by spoon from your steps until it collects into that much.

If you are generous and have the desire to share with others of the many that you have until you need it as much as a large bucket, your kindness in addition to prayer, effort, and persistent hard work is likely to happen, to get and give until it runs out.

Or be a sincere tap to drain the water so you will continue to enjoy it.

But if you become water and at the same time the source, you don’t need anything, you won’t be thirsty, besides merely enjoy the game of life to enter everything and run to all possible places, in the sky, on the mountain, in rivers, lakes, underground, or become the ocean. Become abundance itself.

The taps that are open and drain the water in my father’s cemetery that I saw last week have provided little inspiration to write that.

  • Can you feel or imagine how water flows from the tap to the bucket as shown in the picture?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. More incredible photos from he cemetery Albert. Love the words. We need to keep an open mind, as the faucet is closed but yet the water continues to flow… like our minds.

    • There are still many photos that you don’t know will be posted on what theme, this one is as fortunate as the others previously published.

      To keep an open mind, that’s an amazing way of looking at this photo!