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About virily – Not everything is money my friend

Before I look at the post of grace you can find here I noticed a decline in the review of posts and comments. I think how important is some of you virily?

Are friendships measured in money here?

And on this occasion I will publish part of a Bulgarian song:

Not everything is money, my friend,

Money is not everything!

When the thunder hits us,

 as evening of the evening,

reach out to a friend,

look at me too!

I will take the blow,

you are a flash.

It will silence the morning,

when he finds out,

that only with you in the nights

 i was fine.

And bear it, my friend,

 my fate on my back.

Thanks to

I hope we don’t exchange the friendship for money here at virily.

I made the photo specifically for this post.

Those who will review this post I would like to ask them:

  • Will you replace friendship for money?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

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Written by lacho59

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  1. I cannot say that I am here solely for money because it is not enough money earned anyway. The money is a bonus, but I personally love sharing my content on this platform. The friendships come while sharing, and some friendships are deeper than others.

  2. You can never really buy true friendship with money. I don’t think I get a lot of money although acknowledgement is great, it does not end with money but to have some type of response from people is more valuable than cash.

    I have come to admire people who have learned things that I have not learned or give ideas to situations that I have not seen before.

    Virily is like a family of friends in the times of NZ lockdown which seems extreme, it is good to have contact with anyone on the phone or the internet.

    Even with a mountain load of work I have enjoyed the contact with Virily without the lockdown.

    It seems inconvenient but quarantine is needed to escape a virus that at the moment people are not able to fight, although some have recovered from this virus.

  3. If there’s one thing that makes me return to Virily again and again, is the community. Sure, I sometimes get discouraged by the low earning here. Once again, I was discouraged by the very low pay I received this month instead of my increased activity. But what I miss more are the people I met here.

    Second, I love to read posts that interest me and if I have something in mind to share, I comment.

    • PS I would certainly not be an artist if I thought money is everything, but it is certainly NEEDED……….!!! Otherwise I do have all this huge time and efforts I was spending here to spend somewhere else where it will be much more useful and be here only just for fun and creativity in VERY SMALL AMOUNTS!!!

        • You don’t have to thank me as I’m certainly not pushing anyone to think the way I do… What I said refers to Me, and Me only… (although I DO believe EVERYONE on this world NEED money for their LIVING!!!), and other people can understand or not understand that!… But it would be good if people understood other people and not only their own situation……….!!!!!

          Btw, are you saying you can live without money……….?!? Wow…! Great for you!!!!!!!!!!

          Btw, I answered you in my post as well as I always do… While I always answer to you my friend who said you are not here for the money but only for the friendships I see that I who am here “”only” for the money” always answer your EACH comment, comment your EACH post I missed by searching it on your profile (even when NOT RECEIVING ANY POINTS FOR THAT!), while you NEVER answer ANY reply of mine in my posts nor even bother to search if you missed any of my posts…..!

          I’m really wondering who is here for the friendships now, and who only for their own needs and interests…………!


          • I didn’t say I could live without guard. I do not count on the income from here to live. I don’t want a confrontation with you. Everyone chooses their own way of life.

        • I certainly don’t want confrontation with you too, but i also don’t want to be accused for the wrong interpretation of my words!… I never said it’s only about earnings, I just said that earnings are important for me as well here because I don’t have all day to spend here for NOTHING, because i’m spending my ALL DAY here, and if this is an earning site we are certainly ENTITLED TO KNOW if we are earning anything here currently or not since there are no ads at all!!! it is their OBLIGATION to inform us about that as I don’t have all day to spend here for NOTHING!!!

          • if i wanted only fun i would go elsewhere and not be here with like only 10 active users who don’t even like eachother btw…! i was a firend here to many while they were nowhere even near to how i was to them so no one is my friend here except a few very rare ones!!! and i certainly didn’t come here to FIND friends…! i have plenty OFFLINE!!!

          • you don’t know if i have any income or not so you can’t judge anything, and i already expressed my opinion in my newest post so i won’t repeat myself here!

  4. If I depended on this site to live on for the money, I would be very poor. The money is good for all the time we put in, and some of us are sharing our personal photos. But I have made great friendships here along the way. And have learned to mush from the different countries.

      • You confused two things here……! I never said I care ONLY about money, but that it is certainly NEEDED and I certainly DON”T HAVE ALL DAY TO SPEND HERE while NOT EARNING ANYTHING, or you do have it……….??? I think you said you are taking care of an old lady and that is the reason why you can’t be here all day while I WAS HERE ALL DAY EVERY DAY – THAT is a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!…

  5. My initial reason for joining Virily was to make quizzes. I still haven’t found another site where I can do that. The money was just an added perk. And in truth, the amount you can earn in such a way was never enough to make a big difference in one’s life.

    I find it amazing to see certain users become so obsessed with the minutiae of counting virils, and constantly going on and on about the same thing. For me, although I cannot spend as much time here as I used to, the personal interactions and friendship is far more important than any monetary considerations.

  6. I will continue the way I have participated here. I wish there was more interaction which has become less. When it comes to internal views they help the ‘bank’ grow but comments keep users together.

  7. so the reality of the view situation is not what was or has been shared.

    1. We are seeing a significant decline in external views.
    2. our community cannot grow (or grows slowly) as the admin team does not often allow new authors.


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