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About the spice plants you use in your kitchen.


lat.Petroselinum crispum

is a two-year-old plant. For the first year, we use a leaf or root depending on the species we planted.

On the second year, the plant is tearing seed and replanting.

Parsley is almost an indispensable spice in every kitchen.

It is healthy because it contains vitamin A, C, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Vitamin c is lost at temperatures above 50 cells.

It is therefore best to consume fresh or with yoghurt.

It is added to soup and broth, boiled potatoes and many dishes with meat.

In the first place, parsley is known as a plant that stimulates the secretion of fluid from the body, so it is very useful for the health of the kidneys and all the urinary tracts.

Tricks. By swaying Parsley, you will eliminate the smell of white garlic from your breath.

I try every year to have fresh parsley in my garden.


Lat.Origanum vulgare

His is a typical Mediterranean herb plant. It is mainly used in Spanish, Italian and Greek cuisine.

Tomato sauce gives a taste typical for Pizza.

It is added to lamb and pork meat ,  then grilled fish and can be sprinkled over cheese.

The most commonly used in Serbia is when we eat Pizza.

As and parsley, you can cultivate or planting in a flowerpot and in home conditions.

Help for better work gallbladder.

Helps to remove sand from the urinary tract and bladder as tea with corn silk.

Lat. Stigmata Maydis


lat. Coriandrum sativum

The leaves are like orange and seeds anise. They are used in the kitchen separately. That’s why the green coriander parts are ideal for salads and spicy dressings of meat and fishdishes, while the seeds are an integral part of the carios and are often used in Indian and Asian cuisines.

Each part of the plant is medicinal, fresh or dried leaves are used for tea, as well as the roots that are milled, and the most used is the oil obtained by distillation of the seed.

In addition to lowering blood pressure and heart health, Coriander reduces blood sugar and is a good diuretic.

Read more about medicinal plants and use them in your cooking.

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  • Do you know that Coriander reduces blood sugar and is a good diuretic?

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  1. OK. I use parsley but not regularly. I like oregano but my husband does not. If I’m cooking just for me, I’ll use it. I know coriander has a lot of health benefits it’s not a cooking ingredient that I’m familiar with and neither is my husband. So we’re going to have to work out way into using it.

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