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About My Edited Posts and People Who Write Negatively About Me…!

I know speaking like this is not OK nor I would do it in any of the ways if I haven’t just bumped into THIS POST INDIRECTLY speaking about me and not to mention -bad- things, I felt the need to clear some things up…! I wanted to post such an article even before I bumped into this post because I knew how -some- people will look at it but I know there are also the ones who are -above- such way of thinking and looking at the positive sides instead of the negative sides of things… When you all read this info I will probably edit this article or write a new one WITHOUT all these negativity and possibly present you some new ideas……….!

In the post I was mentioned in it is referred that “one person” is “abusing the system for its FAME AND PERSONAL GAIN”… Now let me tell you about my “personal gain” here………:

– Edited posts posted instead of new posts DON’T EARN ANY NEW VIRILS except for the new visits and comments so posting NEW POSTS EARNS MUCH MORE THAN AN EDITED POST… (Edited posts DO earn the same as NEW posts ONLY when it is AN OLD POST posted VERY LONG AGO, and I DO see some are editing such posts too and getting into the Most Commented as well as my posts do…)

– When something is written that way – WITHOUT EARNING – IN CONTRARY TO these same people who are posting like 3-5 posts a day (probably “not” for their personal Fame and Gain like it is stated in this article about me…), it is something that earns THE LEAST to the author and ONLY BENEFITS to the people to stay updated about the important things and issues… 




– I have NOTHING against removing such posts from the Most Commented ones and if people who are saying these things about me Read my other posts they would Know that…! But I will still Edit my posts if I think I have to Edit or Update them…! I care the info I write to get to the users because it is referred to ALL OF US…! I could have written so many other NEW posts about it and EARN MORE that way but I didn’t… 

– Btw MY posts are NOT the only posts that are appearing there like I already mentioned above…!!! But unfortunately it seems some are interested ONLY in MY posts… If they were interested and paying attention they are paying to MY posts they would KNOW and NOTICE that…!

  If Admins didn’t think Edited/UPDATED posts should appear in the Latest – because they ARE NEW when edited or updated with some NEW info, I “guess” they wouldn’t put it that way………! But I guess these people all know “better” than admins……….

– PS I DID mind whenever my Same Edited post got in the Most Commented but I also thought it is maybe a good way for as many people as possible to get to read the important info and Updates I was trying to inform everyone with..

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    Since there was no more space to write, just another info…: I will edit and update my posts whenever I think I should do that because I don’t think “a good quality” is when you post 10 unconnected sequels of the same theme and post, it is COMPLETELY ILLOGICAL TO ME NO MATTER WHAT ANY OTHER PERSON SAYS HERE!

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    Writing and collecting info about Virily is actually very Exhausting for me and sometimes it takes me several days to do it (like now) while always trying to give the right and correct and updated info as soon as possible so I won’t let some superficial people who are posting 3-10 posts a day judging me…!

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    Results of the voting in my post about Edited posts::: Users voted 17 times. Q: What do you think about these things…? I’m fine with them (8 votes) – 47% Don’t like it (1 votes) – 6% Not sure (2 votes) – 12% Partially like/don’t like them (2 votes) – 12% I’ll write it in the comments… (4 votes) – 24%

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  1. My comment on your reply to the post, ‘Just An Update’. I can’t find what I wrote in the thread anymore. Maybe I deleted it accidentally when I excitedly clicked the reply notification to read.

    Here’s my unbiased reply to your comment: Isn’t Virily a blogging site? Authors are free to edit our own articles whenever we want, how many times we wish, update our blog posts whenever we judge within ourselves necessary to improve our material? Isn’t that why we use the Edit tool for in a BLOGGING platform? And why not?

    I’m not taking sides. Just thinking objectively. Thank you.

    • Thanks for commenting there, I am very glad you did that and stood up for me…! The comment was deleted because all my comments get reported by the author of that text, you can’t delete it yourself… I had and have conflicts with that user and she blocked me but giving herself the right to write about me… Unfortunately, when I defend myself in the comments she reports them and they get deleted but she is allowed as well as other users too to write such things while it is said in the FAQ such things are not allowed… I would be happy to learn she didn’t write about me and wrote that too but that comment was reported and deleted too!… All this is only making me losing my interest in Virily completely, I don’t like nor I find it fair to be treated that way………….!

      I completely agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, I understand why they mind it… The problem is when edited posts with already received comments get immediately in the Most Commented after re-publishing and they saw I was editing the same post 3 times so it was pushing other people’s posts out from that list… But it was just such kind of an article – with important updates like notes…
      I do admit I did just re-post without editing some other posts and it was because they weren’t noticed that much (and sometimes it’s important because I write about Virily), but it’s the same like I return my post in the Drafts because maybe I don’t like it that much and then decide to publish it again…
      So I do agree that tool shouldn’t be abused (at least not often) and I do feel ashamed when my posts are constantly there but I also see that situation from some other angles too (I think it’s ok to use it once just to bring the attention to it if important info or something like that but in the mentioned post I had to use it 3 times because I had to update 3 times so I felt bad about it at the same time :/)… And some other people do it too so it’s not our fault the admins made it that way and maybe they even wanted it that way and thought it was ok………!

      Thank you…! 🙂

  2. I think everyone can write their own opinion, of course, this should not be offensive … I avoid avoiding conflicts … I am not here to argue …. as for Virily, I will not be hacking for a while … when I will I’m going to leave the page across and the story will be over for me … the damage to my nerves

    • I agree, but this was kinda pointing a finger to another user but if that user comments in that post he gets reported and his comments deleted while the post stays and is “ok”……… She continued complaining about me later because of my comments so I commented I would be happy to learn she didn’t actually write about me and caused all of that, and she reported that too and those comments were deleted too!!! So much about the “fairness” of the admins………! I wrote them about that too but they are just like “please don’t argue with other users” while such posts shouldn’t be allowed AT ALL………!!!!!!!!!! So she can write about me but I can’t comment and be angry about it?????????!!!!

    • PS I am avoiding conflicts but sometimes conflicts find You… Neither am I but it seems impossible when some people are like that…!
      Sorry, I didn’t understand what you said about your presence here, you will not be active for a while…?

  3. I added the “LOL reaction” because I thought it was funny this post was presented as a poll.
    It’s also funny, but in a sarcastic way, that we ought to justify the updates we make to our posts because a very tight minority might think we’re acting in bad faith and attempts to convert others through their “gospel”.
    Actually, the accusation felt like raised mostly from personal frustration, not much for the sake of the community like it was written. I might be wrong, but it felt like you were thought to be abusing the editing feature because it interferes with THEIR exposure…
    It’s easy to imagine how hard it is now for someone who publishes content several times a day to get their posts, and name, seen. Such activity relies a lot on the “Latest” page, it’s like baiting the views, eventually a fish that swims in that section will get hooked by one of the many posts. However, when many users are “fishing” as well, even involuntarily, because edited posts turn into fresh baits, the competition gets tough and the exposure fades.
    That “leaving much more room” made me think so, but again, I could be wrong.
    I can’t relate to that, my way of “luring fish” is different, but I understand the frustration. I just don’t appreciate the fact it was channeled in that manner, i.e. openly accusing some of abusing the system, without any proof.
    Abuse would occur if someone was to fake an update, or edit so little nobody would tell the difference, just to get the post to the “Latest” page, but I didn’t see that happening, and you never did that, as far as I know.

    I should have made a separate post instead of commenting here, I guess. 😅

    • Playing the devil’s advocate, nothing wrong with posting several times a day either.
      It shouldn’t be perceived as abuse, as long as there is content and not rubbish, whether it is new, on its own, or added to an already existing post.

      • I will (thoroughly) reply later but I also wrote my opinion on edited posts in my previous post about Edited Posts (it’s also on one of the links above) so I have to admit sometimes when my post isn’t noticed I do re-post it without editing but I was actually updating this post with new info and actually felt embarrassed it always went straight up in the Most Commented (I did think it was too much so now I’m balancing with all of that trying not to exaggerate) but it WAS actually a tool at the same time all the people to be informed so… I am trying not to exaggerate with it but sometimes I do re-post if I think people should notice the info

          • Yes, it’s an informative post that involves all users, though not all users might be interested in it, oddly enough. I would prefer promoting the post that didn’t get much exposure through other ways, such as linking it in comments (when it makes sense to do so) or new posts, or PMing it to members you’re quite familiar with and wouldn’t mind (me, for example), just to make sure there’s no way this can be seen as “abuse”, despite it was meant for a good purpose.

            And this is kind of the reason why blocking comments isn’t enough, in my opinion, by noticing how easy it is to start a conflict via public posts. 😅

      • Sounds sensible enoough, especially that the limit is something like 8-10 posts a day… I actually agree but one of my comments in that post was actually that it’s very interesting that such a post comes from the person who posts 3-5 posts a day…! ;DD

      • They could not be interested in it, I agree but I also saw how many of them were interested in it by looking at the Virils page… When I notice they are losing interest and I am aware of my actions so I can conclude what they like or not, or what is right or wrong, or what I feel is right or wrong then I balance, so I’m trying not to “abuse” it if I notice something like that…. I actually felt embarassed when my same post was there for 3-4 days and felt bad about other users…

        It’s quite hard (and humiliating) to do it that way and not to mention there are users who are reading but are not active (you can conclude that when you see 70-80 people read that post) and you know how many of them are regularly active every day (posting)… – probably not more than 20-30, right…? ;/)

        If it was for the good purpose and it was actually the only logical way to edit and publish that post then other members who are not getting that have a serious problem………….! It is only their problem then not being able to see the broader picture, and that is not my fault…

        It’s very interesting this person actually wrote in one of her latest posts (to me) she can’t see my posts nor comment them because she blocked me (she heard I wrote about her and guess what… – she Minds it……..!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhahah) but it’s very funny because I can see and comment theirs!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ;D

    • Now I can answer…! ;D
      Hahaha, yes, there is a poll issue with the answers so I kinda used it for the situation since I was actually kinda very pi**ed off… ;DDD
      I agree, it’s the minority…
      I agree about that too… But I think it could have been for the community too though… :/ That is actually the problem with the edited posts – some appear directly in the Most Commented but not only mine…! The problem is I think she wrote that (and I think she mean me) because of the same post appearing there for 3-4 days, but it was that kind of a post so I had to do it that way since I also didn’t have the time to do it differently and write a new post… But she also didn’t know that when a new post appeared there it was actually NEW…
      Hahaha, yes!…………………, and that was one of the comments in that post (I think some are still there) which was deleted because she reported them all (of course)… I think she actually meant the whole community but I could be wrong too, hehehe… ;/D Btw, since I was commenting a lot in those posts to defend myself and actually wrote everything that I wrote here as arguments (she was reporting all them) she wrote a couple of new posts where it looked like she had no idea why I was doing that and I said “I would be happy to learn if she didn’t mean me” in that post while also minding her that actually she is provoking those fights from my side by writing about me First, and she of course reported all those comments too and they were deleted too…! So I don’t think admins are actually fair when it comes to that because those were actually sensible comments and if she DID write about me then it’s not fair at all! I don’t understand why she is constantly repeating like she is not doing anything wrong and like she didn’t mean me while it was Obvious she meant me… I actually wanted to know if I was wrong and they deleted it!!!… 😐
      Yes, it seems they are actually NOT AWARE AT ALL some people don’t care about the Most Commented AT ALL and are visiting posts in a different way…
      yes, and I wrote to the support and admins and editors how can my comments get deleted while the way she writes is bad and actually against the FAQ but of course no answer and the editor just said “please don’t argue with other members”………….! Can you believe that………??????????!!!!!!!!! I was like I’m tired with everything how you are treating us and with all these changes – I am completely losing my interest in Virily and will leave… Btw, visit my newest articles to understand why………!!! 😉
      I did that with couple of othe posts for the reasons I already mentioned, but if you are looking at it differently it’s not an abuse…: you can decide you don’t like your post anymore and turn it back to the drafts, and later decide you actually want it there and publish it again, and also, I’m not posting like 10 posts a day, sometimes I just re-post if I don’t have a new article because that is currently the info I want to share. I do tend not to abuse it much and I do feel bad if my posts are all the time in the Most Commented and I’m not sure they mind it in the Latest that much but if in the Most Commented because those posts are pushing other brand new posts from that list lowering their exposure which I do agree is not quite fair but there are also other perspectives why these edited posts also DO deserve such attention so the best solution would be double lists or something like that…

      Hahaha, you can do it too but I like it here too… ;)) 🙂

      • Your posts are reasonably among the most commented, they attract a lot of debates/discussions and might attract more if new users get to read them. But really, I think the majority of users don’t even check that section.
        The staff is quite indolent but I guess they don’t want to favor one user over the other. Let’s not argue but these “beefy” posts tend to create more traffic. You promoted her post by linking it to yours, I think you gave her tons of exposure, it’s almost a win-win situation. 😄
        I’m not entirely sure this was a planned “marketing move” to get more exposure, exploiting the sensitive nature of some users by provoking them more or less indirectly. I acknowledge this situation has its own benefits in terms of visibility.
        Again, it takes two people to argue as much as it takes two to solve disputes. In the meanwhile, it’s like a snake biting its tail.
        Well, there could be “favoritism” for one reason, but some matters are to be kept private.

        I’m going to visit your latest posts because I’m curious now. 👀

        • I don’t know but the ones who do are really Loud about it so it looks like a majority…… – that is what I’m talking about when it comes to their manipulation……..!!!

          Don’t know… – either it’s a “bug” or they wanted it that way finding nothing wrong in it, but, of course, those LOUD USERS are constantly presenting it as a “bug that needs to be fixed”, so it’s like their opinion is “A FACT” but no one listens to me and thinking “He fights for the community”…………….!!! GRRRRRR!…
          I don’t know about the traffic, I heard people feel uncomfortable about it all…
          She is not looking at things that way…, if she was she would be happy I have her TONS OF VIRILS by opening all her posts and a couple of comments – instead she complained about my short comments in order not to report them and now reports my comments for all the fights…
          That is quite a conspiracy theory… No…, she actually “beggs to leave her alone” supposedly “not having a clue what it is about” while provoking such things with such posts while I get reported for Every Comment I Make There!… So it’s allowed to write such things but not to defend yourself too, so I have to write AN ARTICLE I Don’t Want To Write to Defend Myself, and then she says in Another post I should stop because all the users are tired of us…………….! Can you believe that………???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like “tell me if I’m wrong and why are you writing about me FIRST…”, she reports and that gets deleted TOO……….!!! So where is the FAIRNESS IN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! 😐
          I am not sure I understood that one… – which “favoritism”………..???! :/

          Heheheh :), ok, just go for it, I’m glad for that… ;)))

          • OMG Really, sometimes it’s like politics. Majorities, minorities, parties fighting for the sake of the community.
            By bug, do you mean the fact edited posts appear as latest and most commented? That’s a strange way to define a bug, in my opinion. It’s just the way edited posts are currently structured. Bugs are like options in polls not appearing, not this. 😄 Seems like I gotta read more posts from the “opposing parties”.
            Well, by favoritism I meant how they (the admins) indulge in every whim of hers and not listening to your side of the story.
            That would be favoritism, if there’s any.

        • Hahaha, yes, and I don’t like it…
          In the most commented.
          Hahhahahahaahhaaahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :”DDDDDDDDDDDDD I agree…, it’s just the way it’s put but they think it is done like that by mistake so it should be “fixed”…!!! 😐 Hhahahahahahaahha………!!!!!!!! “Opposing parties”…, ahahahahahahahhaahh!!!!!!!!! ;D
          Oh, yes, that is true…, and thank you much for noticing that… Obviously they think we can write whatever we like (no matter what the FAQ says… – but it’s important when it’s the opposite or something else, not to mention that my comments are often deleted unfairly and unneccessary…) but not comment if provoked by that writing… I’m just “wondering” how she would React if I wrote constantly about her…

          • I mean, we already know that……… I gave her the chance to say if she did not write about me and asked why she writes about me FIRST if she doesn’t want my reactions but she reported and it got deleted too which is ALSO not fair AT ALL……….!

          • I also named it “minority” because you named it that way too… 🙂 But I’m not looking at it like parties just that it’s actually a small number of people here…

          • The political side of the situation also includes how the “minorities” are somehow leaders that inspire other members to join the cause.
            Which is reasonable, we all want to be friends with each other and agreeing on everything is the common way. So yeah, there won’t ever be parties because most “citizens” prefer moderation over extremism. Thankfully, I suppose.

          • I think that most, if not all, listen to all the “leaders”. By leader, I mean whoever expresses a strong opinion about something. It’s hard to find someone who will completely disagree with one leader, we tend to look forward harmony, it’s easier to say “you’re right” than expressing a disagreement, because that can lead to arguments.
            That would be moderation. Extremism would happen if some people allied against a person (or another group), not giving this person the chance to talk or defend him/herself. That happens a lot with politics, those who support a party won’t “waste their time” listening to the opposition, but just embrace whoever thinks alike.

        • (I thought you meant the moderation that the admins do here…)
          I don’t think it’s the situation here, many say when they disagree and I also don’t know anything about politics… I also think it would be very stupid if people just followed “the leader” like they didn’t have their own opinion at all… I just meant the small group – “the minority” is trying that…
          I only felt bad when all my opinions and facts I was providing were deleted when reported but I am glad and happy now that after I wrote to the editor that I’m not actually arguing but Explaining things he didn’t delete my comments… 🙂

  4. I do not know what to say. This goes beyond all borders. It is my opinion that anyone can express their opinions, of course, provided they do not offend the other members. I find it very embarrassing to read these conflicts. Your posts are informative and I have learned a lot of things.

      • That’s good!

        I’m just saying that sometimes we’ve our own reasons for doing somethings. We know why we have to do them, its not to harm others and that’s good enough. Of course, unless your actions does affect others very negatively.

        • Yes, I agree… It’s also hard to balance sometimes too…
          The only effect here is something that is not happening only when I post such a post but also when others do it too and that is the Most Commented section which is currently most talked about when it comes to edited posts… The problem is some old(er) edited posts immediately show up in the Most Commented (because they already have a lot of comments and views) pushing other brand new posts from the list but that should be solved by the admins… I think both kinds of posts deserve their chance so maybe a different organization of sections could solve that… :/

    • Thank you so much for your support, you are very kind…! 🙂 Yes, I completely agree… I will just tell you I was not the first one to provoke the conflict, neither this nor the first time… 😐 Unfortunately, there are always people who will find something to mind…

  5. I guess when we post our opinion here and ask question others answer it or even write posts about, that is quite natural . why get so offended? I am not sure what is happening here but I am speaking in a general sort of way.

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