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About Babies, Peanuts, and Eggs

No, I haven’t finally lost my marbles. This is just a heading to catch your eye. You already know how people are affected by things like allergies. For them, it is always important to be sure that they don’t eat what they are allergic to or they aren’t around things that make their allergies worse. Well, when I read this piece I just had to share it with you.

One of the worst allergies is an allergy toward peanuts which if ingested can cause death to the person who is allergic. However, help may be available for those who haven’t developed any allergies yet. In a research, that was done in London, it was discovered that by feeding babies peanuts and eggs it could be possible that when they grow older they won’t be allergic to these foods.

In this interesting research over 200,000 children were involved. It was discovered that if babies who were between 4-to-6 months old ate eggs they were 40% less likely to get an egg allergy than children who started to eat eggs later in life. Babies who were between four-to-eleven months old and ate peanut butter were 70% less likely to develop a peanut allergy.

The two most common childhood food allergies are those toward peanuts and eggs. Of course, it is strongly advised to never attempt to feed babies whole nuts but to be fed smooth not crunchy peanut butter. Some other common food allergies are those toward soy, wheat, sesame, fish, and seafood. Researchers believe that if these foods are fed to babies before the age of one they won’t develop allergies toward them either. Parents should first check the health of their babies before offering them each new food. More research will be done to discover what the best ages are to start feeding babies with peanuts and eggs.

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  1. I don’t have allergy to either eggs or peanuts. I have heard that study before, but I still didn’t give my children eat eggs or peanuts when they were too young. My kids’ pediatricians advised us not to give babies eat egg until they are 12 months old.

  2. I suspect if we went back to 30 years ago, many people had mild reactions to peanuts etc. Those reactions were not noted, but over time those reactions become worse!

    I did read this study, it is an interesting positioning! I love Peanuts and Eggs personally.

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