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A visitor at the bird feeder ~The rose breasted grosbeak

It was very exciting to see a new and different bird specie at the bird feeder today. It was larger than most of the birds that visit, except of course for the  the Blue Jay. This bird was so colorful that it made quite a statement. It is called  the rose-breasted grosbeak and belongs to the cardinal family. The one in the photo is an adult male, black and white with a striking red patch on its breast. There are some brown fringes on the upper side feathers.

The colors on this grosbeak bird indicates that it is a breeding male as the non-breeding males have mostly white underparts. The female grosbeak was also at the bird feeder as well as another rose-breasted grosbeak. The female shown in the photo below is mostly brown with a white crown around the head.  I suppose they just stopped by on their journey  to a breeding spot here as they are known to breed in cool North American temperatures and migrate to the tropics in the winter.

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  1. Wow! that is am amazing picture. I have never seen this bird, I don’t think they are in this side of the world. I would have thought that the female one was a sparrow. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

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