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A Salute To the Nurses, Doctors and other Front liners VS Covid-19

In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the people who are mostly exposed to the virus are the front-liners in the medical field. Namely, the Doctors, the Nurses and other staff working in hospitals. I would include the security guards and maintenance personnel as well.

Since lockdowns are implemented almost all over the world, those who stand guard at the borders, ports (airports and seaports) and bus stations are more exposed to the disease as well.

I have cousins and friends who are doctors and nurses. Some of them may have to stay where they are working to prevent the disease from spreading…

The danger of Covid-19 is real and must not be taken lightly. These front-liners are actually risking their lives. Fighting an enemy that invisible to the naked eye.

This is my little way of saying…


As you serve to protect us, I pray to the Divine Providence that you will be protected as well, and your sacrifices will not go unrewarded.

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  1. These people deserve our respect and must be the first to be protected. Unfortunately, they are very exposed in my country because they are not provided with adequate protective equipment. There are many infected doctors and two hospitals have been closed.

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