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A Rock Guitarist's Secret To Creating Magnetic Content

Besides my activities on Virily, I do product marketing on YouTube selling various affiliate products and have studied just about any author-marketer, and one thing those in the know say all the time, which is consistency. You’ve probably heard of the importance of *consistently* emailing your audience.

This keeps them in top of mind awareness so they’re more likely to buy your books (or anything else).

But what do you say in your headlines?

“Hi… uh… me again. Wanna buy my book?”

That one got old. Fast.

So here’s a little shortcut to create interesting content that works for both article writers and fiction and non-fiction authors.

Caveat: This is not a daily strategy. But, it’s something you can do on occasion. And if you pull it off right, it’s practically a guaranteed way to make your content far more captivating than your competitors both here on Virily and where ever else you write.

When studying music composition, a guitar player, found the ‘secret’ to making interesting music wasn’t being overly creative. In other words, he wasn’t inventing new scales or anything like that. Instead, you can just take two (or more) popular writing styles or influences and mix them together.

I was reading a book by Ray Edwards, and he mentioned an article called “The Avengers Guide to Building Superhero Teams.”

It’s the same idea. Just take two unique writing or content concepts and then mix them.

Ben Settle has an entire book series all on the persuasion secrets of villains (from movies, comics, and television). Ben could just talk about persuasion secrets. But bringing in pop culture villains makes it more interesting for the reader.

There are articles on Fifty Shades of Grey guide to ______ (romantic tips, being a better husband, etc.)

As you can see, you can take pop culture fiction and use it to teach non-fiction concepts.

Now if you’re a fiction author yourself, you can tie in lessons from characters in your own books.

If Ian Fleming were around today, he could write on The James Bond guide to _______ (style, poker playing, fitness, travel, guns, etc.)

Fiction authors can also document real-world elements that inspired their book.

For instance, while this article on ‘Harry Potter Guide To Edinburgh’ wasn’t written by J.K. Rowling, it could have been.

So, I have left you the general idea which I’m using of combining two influential or popular writing styles on the Internet and combining them in my marketing headlines.

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