A poll on Social Media Addiction

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Many of us spend long time in social media these days often forgetting our real world. While it is perfect to stay in touch with our near and dear ones who are far away, we end up spending much longer hours than the acceptable levels. Why is this happening? Social media interactions are not the same as a real life interaction. Can you feel the warmth of a smile in social media? Can the power of a human touch be felt in a digital device? No matter whether we use a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, an interaction happening through a digital device can never equal a real world relationship. Yet we immerse ourselves in social media possibly for the celebrity status that we secretly crave for. When I get 100 plus likes for my personal post, it feels more like my moment in the Sun. I guess this is why most people are hooked onto social media networks for hours. Please share how much time you spend openly since this is an anonymous poll.

  • How much time do you spend in social media on an average day?

    • More than 3 hours per day
    • 1 to 3 hours per day
    • 30 minutes to 1 hour per day
    • Less than 30 minutes
    • I don’t use socil media at all
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