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A poem composed by me “The Young of Today”

I am a senior and looking around I notice how the world has changed. My observation about today’s youngsters is described in this poem


I see them rushing everywhere,

For those around, they don’t care

Going past with a ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’

‘Have no time’ they say with a sigh!

They run to catch a bus or a train

In the slush and dirt of the pouring rain

Their job’s at stake they seem to say

This is their life from day to day.

With one hand glued to their cellphone

They wait for the sound of the musical tone

Chatting away, not a moment to spare,

Looking neither here nor there.

Their thoughts are scattered everywhere

The kids at school, with none to care

What about food their thoughts go there

The cleaning routine there’s none to share

Throwing their hands at times in despair

Our life they say is beyond repair

The choices are several where could they go

They have to rush they cant go slow.

Yet they have a smile on their lips

They go about, swinging their hips

Their popular slogan, ‘Leave us alone

It’s our business. You mind your own’

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  1. I have no idea about how youth is in the US these days because I was away so long and I have no contact with them. However, in Riga, Latvia where I lived for a very long time young people really did not care about adults, older people, and particularly looked down on the elderly as if they would remain young forever.


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