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A Note for the Members – a “small” clarification of some of the things that could have been interpreted the wrong way

I saw one post today from another member about the similar themes I wrote about these days… The theme is earning Virils by opening/reading posts… The author didn’t mention me in his post but this is not the first time he writes something as a “response” to something I previously wrote or commented (it was always weird to me people reading other people’s comments which had nothing to do with them, it’s almost like spying for me…..:/)… Like, for example, the first time the conflict occurred when he and one other member commented in one of my articles that opening posts without reading them to reach the limit is “gaming the system”… Even though I might look I’m good with words I do have a problem saying the right things and defending myself so the only thing I have to say on that is…: “If that was “gaming the system” the daily limit for opening posts wouldn’t be MUCH higher than the one for commenting them…..”.

I rarely shared my articles because it wasn’t bringing many views but that person did, and do you know what he said to me recently when we talked about the disabled guest views…: “Now I have to open more articles to earn”… Seems now it’s not “gaming the system” for him… So what was I doing then and why…?!… Was I doing anything wrong or actually what most of the users here consider normal and do the same… And why I even allowed him to frustrate me over the whole time with such statement…! It wouldn’t be allowed and thought that way if it was wrong…!

I know the author often misconcepts me with his own interpretations so I want to highlight some things…:

The things I wrote about opening old posts and similar in my previous articles are mostly meant as an idea for YOU how to use the most out of your daily limits (for opening posts in this case…)…! Those are some things I found the most practical and profitable in collocating daily limits so I shared that with you… It also included some ideas how to reward others by doing so at the same time… It was never written it is “a must”, it was an idea..!

Also, whenever I “asked” someone to visit and comment on my posts was only because those are the people who I constantly visit and tend to visit and reward the most I can because I considered them friends and liked their articles and thought they considered me that too… If those people almost never do that for me that primarily disappoints me because of the effort I invest and tend to invest in supporting Them…! I just thought that was appreciated so if I don’t receive the feedback it makes me not wanting to invest that much energy for them, at least not as much as I used to.. So the thing that the author of this text wrote about how to bring more Virils to your posts by visiting and commenting other users is not certain at all…..!

And one information for the author of the text I mentioned, because it seems he publishes things he doesn’t know anything about…: One of the people I “asked” to visit my posts too actually did the same once before in one of My articles when I was away (it was probably because that person noticed I wasn’t visiting her for a long time…) but I guess it doesn’t count when other people do it, only when write and pay attention to it… Also, if I have to ask for something then I don’t need it – not that way, so it was only a small note, a reminder…

Also, I Never “attack” anyone except if that “someone” provokes and “attacks” me first…..! I also guess it is “OK” to publish someone’s conversation by copy-pasting it in your own article…

  • I hope some things are more clear now, and if they aren’t I can’t help you since everyone interprets things the way he sees them

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Written by tasartcraft

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    • TRUE!!!!! I am having a conversation on that theme JUST NOW!!!!! Everything is about “having interaction”, “making friends” and similar but no one is actually like that while they make me feel bad for (of course) wanting to earn too – I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want that… That is not the only reason of course, I do have fun and enjoy some things I like here or I wouldn’t be here too…..! Both things are important…..!
      Some say they care only for that, it can be true, maybe I interpret their behavior differently….. :/
      What problems are you having today…..?! :/

    • Heh.., yes…, thanks…..!!! 🙂 I agree it’s the best but the problem is if someone comments like that on your post or send you a message like that, or similar… Yes, it’s sometimes not easy not to react…

  1. I’m one of those “favor-returning” users at heart, but the time it takes to act this way can be very frustrating, especially during the period of slowness there used to be.
    I don’t post very often, and that makes me more of a giver than a receiver. I don’t expect anything back, I already get rewarded for viewing and commenting. Plus, I suppose some posts might not get much interaction because they’re about niche topics that don’t get much interest, and I totally accept that, just like I accept there are different attitudes and personalities besides my own.

    I doubt these misunderstandings will ever cease to exist, it is a lost battle if we attempt to fight against them. In my humble opinion, it’s better to focus on learning how to cope with them, by being kind and sympathetic, even when someone provokes us. After all, we can’t extinguish a fire by adding more fuel.

    • Yes, I completely agree with you…! 🙂
      Maybe there are some people that reward you while you are away…? It happened to me while I was away so I even earned around $2.5 during that time…
      Yes, I guess it’s a little different when you are away a lot, maybe you look at things differently then… :/ I know… I just felt bad I invested a lot of effort these days in rewarding others who seemed not to appreciate it that much even though I though we considered each other “friends” here… But nevermind now… I’ll just do whatever I think and feel is the best (for me) now….. 😉

      I know that too, that is the problem, I tried to “learn” those people what means being kind in some of the things they weren’t in my opinion but they didn’t understand… If you “fight” them it turns out it was your fault instead of theirs sometimes, but, well…..

      • Whoa, lots of money for being away! 😄
        That won’t ever happen to me, I think.
        You’ll get rewarded for your efforts. You might not get what you expect from certain people, but your popularity increases as you interact on a daily basis. After all, it isn’t something you can force. As long as you’re proud of yourself and of what you do, it’s all good. That’s what matters. 😉

        True, violence calls for more violence. Fighting tends to be counterproductive.

        • Heheheh, yes, I think so too…! 😀 I was very surprised and it was for the period of 4 months…
          Well, you never know, right…? 😉 Maybe if you keep posting it might – if it even depends on that, heheeh… ;/)

          That is true… I do already interact a lot, at least the best I can manage, that is the problem, I interacted a lot with some people who don’t care that much about supporting others unless “they have something to say”, like one of them told me on my “complaints” recently… Seems some almost never have anything to say…
          It’s true, but it affects my will to reward and be kind towards them too, although I do reward everything I like and “unfortunately” their posts are among such ones..

          Unfortunately, some people provoke that in me… Although there is also the possibility of misunderstandings and wrong interpretations on both sides…

          • Yes, it must depend on that. 😄

            It’s normal some people would rather not force themselves and reply with something of little value because they aren’t into the topic, or don’t understand it. It’s less normal when they find nothing to be interesting enough to trigger a response.
            We’re talking of someone who usually gets back to the posts of those who support him. I think he took it personally when you told you were disappointed he wasn’t returning the favor. Perhaps he didn’t have the time or wasn’t in the mood to do so right away.
            I sometimes get back to other users days, if not weeks, later.
            I doubt this was the case of a misunderstanding, but more of emotions taking over rationality.

            I’m just guessing, I would never claim I know how things truly are, it’s just a supposition.

        • I wrote my reply quite quick so wan’t thinking much, i might add something to it later…

          I completely agree with what you said…, but here that wasn’t the case… It was actually a She who almost never comments on my articles, even the ones who might interest her… She said sometimes she reads other people’s articles without other people knowing she read them… And doesn’t like to comment because of the misunderstandings.. But I can’t see much possible misunderstandings in tote bags or photography which is her main interest btw…
          Did you mean someone specific when saying “he” or it was a general “he”…?
          Yes, that is a normal thing and quite noticeable when it comes to you and sometimes other people too… They mention it so you know but sometimes those are the people who are here every day and post several articles a day…! 😐

          • Whoops! Yes, I was referring to a specific “he”.
            I think I know who the “she” you’re referring to is, I don’t know the whole story so I didn’t dare commenting on that one.
            It’s an unfair exchange because hey, how can you compete with several articles a day? It’s a different kind of work. 😂
            I guess some people tend to look at the latest articles and not visit users one by one. It’s a matter of habit, and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. I’m not bothered by that, the only thing that annoys me a little is to not receive replies to the comments I leave. But I got to accept that, and I’m grateful that at least Virily gives me a tiny reward for posting comments. 😌

        • Ok…
          “He”, if I guessed right who you meant was commenting a lot as I was to his posts. That was not a problem although he could have commented a little more having in mind how much I commented him. The problem was that I was like working my butt off when it comes to the effort invested in commenting his work, answering all of his million comments and questions, something that’s important to him, while was very sassy sometimes in that too sending me to “google something when it was “hard” for him to explain”… The Actual problem is that when it came to My works, something that was Important to Me, and what i was posting Quite Rare he didn’t give a s*it to invest just a little of effort to express the opinion on it… Even when I didn’t like something of his work I was trying to find something good in it to comment on or just expressed my real opinion, but that was a problem to him when it comes to my work, and was even very arrogant in that which was the Actual reason of hurting… He called me “Toxic” for that in his article…
          Yes, that’s true too…
          For me it’s much easier to visit the Latest although sometimes I visit personal Profiles too..
          Yes, that annoys me too, although lately I get thanking for some comments.

        • I’m not sure if I still want that or if I could do that again but maybe sometime… If I wanted to make a quarrel I wouldn’t complain of the things some persons I considered dear to me in a way do/don’t do….. ;/

    • I never asked anyone till now but I was asked once… I found it a little miserable because it came from a person that I was rewarding pretty much but I think she, on the contrary, wasn’t rewarding me as much as I did her… I din’t mind it that much too and after all, and even wanted to do that for her, why wouldn’t I do that for a person I consider a friend here… I think we should all support each other here… It’s just at one point it went over the top for me, I felt neglected by the people I rewarded the most and was spending a lot of my time and effort mostly for them…!, and sometimes even receiving arrogant answers from some of them (rare ones, and especially one specific person) which I certainly didn’t deserve having in mind how much genuine effort I invested especially for that one person…
      I don’t use to “invite” people to my posts but I think it’s also not that bad after all too… But these weren’t actually “invites” but more “reminders” and expressions of how neglected I felt…

      • PS (sorry I always forget something to say…) I think there were also times that I was suggested and invited to some posts here too so I don’t see it’s that bad… For example, it can be done genuinely and on a friendly basis… suggesting something you think someone would like but just possibly didn’t notice… I think that happened here before by some other people too and, like I said, it’s not that “bad”…..

      • …But I will certainly change my “tactics” now, at least a little for the ones that don’t bother to give that much… There are many other users I neglected that would probably be thankful for that since they don’t post that often while some other people post 3-5 posts a day and I felt bad if I didn’t reward all of them and then no Virils left for others… It’s just not fair…..

    • And thanks for reading… Sorry this was a very long answer but I just feel I have to explain everything since I was often judged and misunderstood for different things and from different people… Some things are hard to explain and maybe I shouldn’t even try to do that and do what i think is the best for me, like all the other people here do…

      Thanks again

      • I understand you and I agree with you. I also experienced this, so I also changed tactics. For a long time I worked in the same “mistakes” as you. Some here look only for themselves and their own benefit.

        • Thank you for understanding and sorry for having to read all these comments…!!! :/ People often don’t understand me (here) so I feel like I constantly have to explain something but I probably shouldn’t care much… :/
          Yes…, or maybe it’s really something else we don’t know about… I guess we should simply do how we feel…

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