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A little exercise every day

The new saying now is a little exercise a day keeps the doctor away. And that is true because the morning exercise makes me feel strong and alert all day long. Without the exercise, I feel weaker in the second half of the day that even a nap couldn’t refresh me very well. My body seems to be longing for the physical activity.

For those working with their hands for the labor force, there may be enough exercise in the work place. But for those whose work is sedentary like being in front of the computer all day, exercise is required otherwise you will be having problems with your muscles and your posture. In this case, the morning exercise is important and a must before taking breakfast.

  • Do you exercise regularly?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I exercise 3 times a day and during the week I do a walking exercise on the internet and get a very good workout there. Before the virus I used to walk a lot and now whenever I can I walk.

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