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A Little Bit Of Magic In The Sky

After days of rain and only rain there was a little bit of magic in the sky.  The setting sun was having a battle with the clouds,  The clouds couldn’t hide the tiny whispers of magic entirely behind them.

It was just a tiny moment in time. The clouds and the trees were lit up and silhouetted  by the rosy light. A moment of hope , a moment to cherish.  A moment to make a memory of the lovely things in life. The ink blue skies were the perfect backdrop for that moment in time.  A picture perfect moment for all actors involved.

It was almost like a deja vu moment for me. I remember having witnessed a similar scene a long time ago. The scene was almost complete with soulmates sitting besides each other drinking deeply of that moment. Savoring the moment in the screens of their minds. Perfect silence filled the air and only the songs of the earth where heard in thunderous roars.

The smell of the earth rose like a the perfect perfume, Nature shivered almost imperceptibly  and danced a tiny jig before she was flooded with love from the sky.

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Written by Dawn

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