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A Letter From A Wise Daughter To Her Dad.

Hi dad, I can’t believe I was once as stupid as these kids! If I have to hear about one more person’s nude photos getting “leaked” onto the Internet, I’m going to Super Poke someone’s eyes out. (Which, by the way, I hear Facebook is doing, getting rid of poking?)

Heck, dad, I know I’m not Steve Jobs, but I do know a little bit about computers. And I know that when you delete something from your laptop or from Facebook, it’s never really gone. The same goes for cell phones. And the thing about hackers is that they enjoy hacking just about anyone’s cell phone. So while it’s embarrassing that the actress, Scarlett Johansson‘s personal photos ended up on websites all over the place, chances are we’ll forget all about it when she delivers her next incredible film performance.

For the rest of us “regular” folks, however, we need to be doubly careful. Sure, if my phone or computer gets hacked–not that I have incriminating photos on either of them, mind you–most of the world won’t know or even care. But the people I care about will be affected if I’ve gone and taken any stupid photos, and even more importantly, my actions could have a negative, lasting effect on my whole life. I could forever be known as “The girl who…” by everyone from my boss to my neighbor to my first-grade teacher.

Really, the thought of it sends shivers up my spine.

Seriously, dad, without an ounce of goody-two-shoes in my tone, I’m telling all of these college students: Don’t be stupid. And if you are, keep it off of Facebook. And Twitter. And YouTube. There are currently too many “I told you so” lessons being taught right now, and unless you want to be the instructor of your own lesson, learn from other people. Gotta go, Luv ya, ME

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