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A Howling Good Diet

When I read this I thought I had heard just about every kind of diet imaginable. Then suddenly I tripped over the Werewolf Diet. This diet has been around since the 1820s and it promises that you can lose up to 6 pounds in just 24 hours. No, you don’t have to become a werewolf. At least I don’t think so.

The Werewolf Diet has two other names the Moon Diet and the Lunar Diet. You eat according to moon phases. The reason for this is that the moon has a gravitational effect on the water content of the human body. Supposedly this effect is the strongest for around 24 hours when the moon is full or in a new phase. At this time you lose weight the best. If this is actually true or not is under consideration.

Those who follow this diet have two options to achieve weight loss – the basic or the extended diet plan.  Let’s take a look at these plans.

  • The basic plan resembles a detox at which time the dieter consumes just water and juice for a 24 hour period during the full moon. This is the beginning of losing 6 pounds. However, there are those who say that most likely you could lose 2 pounds and others who say that it is mostly loss of water not fat.
  • The extended plan follows the moon cycle with the waning phase coming up. Here you continue to detoxify. During the time when there is a waning moon and cravings are high, it is advisable to avoid sweets and fats and to drink water until you feel full. All food should be consumed before 6 PM.

This brings us up to the next question which is – does the Werewolf Diet really work. Actually it is simply a timed eating plan with two detoxes per month. In other words, it can work if you make it work. Unfortunately, the moon’s effect on body weight hasn’t been scientifically proven and it could be that the most you’ll get out of this is losing some water weight. Basically it is a diet like any other which makes sure you don’t overeat, drink water and limit your intake of sweets and fats. So since there are no food lists or portions that are recommended it is up to you to decide what and how much to eat. Keep in mind that you will improve your health and lose some weight if you follow a simple and balanced diet and never overindulge. Along with this if you follow the moon phases it won’t be bad for you. In fact, this can become a rather interesting diet and you’ll always know what phase the moon is in.

Like I said before this could become a howling good diet.

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