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A delicious salad from a boring cabbage

Not many like to eat cabbage and if I remember even Bill Clinton hated Broccoli or was it Bush?  Never mind.  You are here to taste the delicious cabbage salad that I often make in our household.

Cabbage I am told is a vegetable that can help avoid cancer but eating cabbage is not something one looks forward to unless it is made into a salad that I make.

You just need to grate the cabbage, marinate it in salt for may be half an hour.  Squeeze out and add curds to which a rich helping of mustard paste and sugar  is added.  Chop a green chilli and add to it You can add more green chilies if your tongue can take it.  Add onion rings and mix the stuff thoroughly.  Top it with finely chopped coriander leaves.

Your cabbage salad is ready.

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Written by grace


    • I like cabbage too! I always have cabbages in my fridge as it’s easy to cook and it can last for longer as compared to those leafy vegetables.

      I always stir fry cabbages with other veggies (carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers or whatever I have in my fridge). I lately like to fry sliced cabbages with egg. Sometimes when I fry rice, I put some sliced cabbages as well. Cabbage soup tastes good as well. I like salad too, coleslaw is nice too. 😀

      I actually didn’t know there are many people who don’t like cabbages. 😛