A colourful scene – kids enjoying their food in our garden

Kids enjoyed their lunch in our garden at a Christmas party thrown for them.  The adults ate in the hall while the kids were happy eating outdoors. 

These kids come from an Institute that is managed by nuns  They are full of energy and participate in everything that is planned for them. The nuns have trained them well and they come prepared to perform for us – plenty of singing and dancing. 

They went  back leaving behind happy memories that I cherish. 

This  photo meets Kim’s colour crazy challenge. 

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    Have you ever squatted on the floor to have your food?

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    Have you ever squatted on the floor to have your food??


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  1. My friend, what joy you bring to those little ones I’m so happy to see children having a nourishing meal, may God bless you even more abundantly, so you can continue, caring you and your spouse are angels, Namaste. PS. I have always been in the role of a provider for many, now, my heart is heavy as I cannot, do so anymore, at 70 and in a wheelchair, I cannot bear to see a person starving on God’s earth, especially a child. My eyes are tearing up with joy for them right now, sorry…


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