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A “BLACK” lemon tea…

It’s a hot day, so I made myself a lemon tea.

It’s a black one, WHY?

Because my friend dried it with a slow food dryer. It’s not a fresh one, but easier to keep for longer time and as a gift.

Thank you for such good gift.

Have you tried any dried lemon slice tea?



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Written by tiada


  1. That’s certainly a nice gift! I didn’t know lemon will turn black after getting dried, or because it’s dried in the slow food dryer? I have never seen a slow food dryer before.

    I just recently started to keep my lemon juice in ice cubes, and store them in the freezer, so it can last longer. I am not sure if it’s as good as the fresh one, though might not be, it’s easier for me to consume the lemon. 😛