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A Black and White Friday Fireworks

Fireworks sparkle, crackle, come in a variety of colors  and delight  people of all ages around the world. Like many others I love fireworks and this photo of a black and white Friday fireworks was taken at a Canada Day celebration. 

The four main elements of a fireworks display are floating materials, noise, light and smoke and are designed to burn with a variety of colors. Fireworks are common around the world and often used to ring in the New Year, to commemorate important cultural or historic events and celebrations.

Fireworks was invented in China where it was once used in some cases to ward off evil spirits. As the world’s largest producer and exporter of fireworks,  you can expect to see fireworks at many Chinese festivals including Chinese New Year celebrations.

  • Cake, Fish, Dahlia are actual names given to fireworks effects?

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Written by Gloridaze


  1. I used to like watching fireworks as they are beautiful. But nowadays, I suppose they are very easy to be obtained and we can hear the fireworks noise every now and then. The fireworks can be last for hours during Chinese New Year or some big festivals, and that makes me hard to fall asleep. Sometimes, I don’t even know what festival it is, but there’s firework. Perhaps it’s someone’s birthday.

    • I guess it is easy to buy fireworks and set them off these days. The ones here last only twenty minutes and mainly for a couple national holidays a year.