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A big mango harvest

In the picture is our mango tree in the backyard with lots of little fruits and still some flowers that would bear more fruits. We are looking to a big harvest this season. Of course, we couldn’t eat all the mangoes from our tree and we do not want to sell it. The option left is to give it to relatives and friends. But the mango is perishable and couldn’t wait like it has to be delivered once harvested. There should be a solution.

If you have not tasted a pickled green mango then you are missing a lot. We pickle the matured green mangoes with a secret solution of salt and sugar for 3 days. When pickled, it can last for a month or even longer. The taste is kind of sweet an sour that it is the favorite of people close to us. They would surely be happy to see the picture above in anticipation of the pickled mango that we would give them.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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