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8 vegetables that are fruits

Not everyone knows that eggplants, cucumbers, beans and many other popular “vegetables” are fruits from a botanical point of views! Here is a list that was interesting for me to know and may surprise you:

1) Olives

Olive is a fruit, as it is formed from the flower of an olive tree.

2) Eggplant

In everyday life, eggplant is usually called vegetables. They are slightly salty and bitter, and absolutely not sweet. And from a botanical point of view, eggplant is a very large berry.

3) Pumpkins and Zucchini

Pumpkins and all kinds of zucchini are formed from a flower on the vine, so they should be attributed to fruit.

4) Cucumbers

Cucumbers, like their “cousins” zucchini, are fruits from a botanical point of view.

5) Green beans

It seems that green beans have nothing common with fruits, but they are.

6) Okra

The popularity of okra has increased over the past few years. Many people, for sure, would attribute it to vegetables, but in fact, okra is still a fruit.

7) Peppers

Peppers are, of course, more like vegetables. However, pepper is actually a fruit.

Credit for the image: Pixabay

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